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Capitol Hill Riots- Tech Giants Block Donald Trump

Tech giants including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have blocked the social media accounts of Donald Trump. The particular action was taken in the wake of the crucial situation in Washington DC that went out of hand. Reportedly, Donald Trump directed his supporters to protest against the elected Joe Biden and march towards Capitol Hill. The protest turned into MAGA (Make America Great Again) riot and resulted in utter chaos. The out-of-control public went straight through the doors of the Washington Building and successfully disturbed the congress proceedings to certify the Joe Biden’s victory in the United States Elections.

The situation in Capitol Hill made people compare Washington DC with Kabul and Baghdad where the US has attecked in past in the name of curbing terrorism.

How Capitol Hill Riot lead Tech Giants To Block Trump?

Twitter blocked Trump’s account to stop the spread of violence through his tweets. Another reason for blocking the social media platform is the violation of twitter’s civic integrity rule. Twitter also demanded to remove three tweets to unblock his Twitter account. Also, his account was to remain blocked for 12 hours. Twitter has also conveyed that if Mr. president tries to engage in the violation of any more of the platform’s policies, his account will be permanently blocked.  

Facebook banned the president to post anything through his profile. The site blocked his account for 24 hours under the allegation of violating two policies. Furthermore, it also removed some posts that could have made Capitol Hill riots worse.

Reportedly, Donald Trump also used the Snapchat application to post the same false video that the other social media platforms have been referring to. Besides, A few months back, Snapchat took action against Donald Trump to stop racism. Now, the current circumstances have directed the app to put a stop at his social media usage. Also, the social picturing-sharing application has not decided when to lift this ban. 

Specifics About The Washington DC Scenario 

Donald Trump gave a speech that incited Capitol Hill riots. He urged his supporters to gather and protest for his alleged honesty. Unfortunately, the not so peaceful, turned into criminal acts, as the people broke into the dome and even reached the senate’s floor, a few occupied the speaker’s office as well. 

The security safely evacuated the lawmakers and reputed personalities as soon as the situation went out of control. They prepared themselves to guard the main doors as well in order to avoid any mishap. The cops also had to use tear gas to stop the riot. 

Outside the building, the protestors did their best to invade the Building. To do so, they pushed the cops and supposedly assaulted many security persons who were in their way. 

As the media reports, the Capitol Hill riots resulted in four casualties including a woman. Besides, many officers also got injured during the major setback. Moreover, due to the Capitol Hill riot consequences, Matt Pottinger, The Deputy National Security Adviser, resigned from his post. 

Trump Told Rioters To Go home 

After a few hours of a dangerous chaotic condition at the White House, Trump called off the protest. He asked his supporters to go back and stop the protest since he had realized how much people love and support him. He stressed the fact that peace was necessary, however, no one was supposed to be manipulated by the elected authorities. 

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