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Indians React After CarryMinati’s Youtube vs TikTok Video Gets Deleted

Ajey Nagar aka CarryMinati ‘YouTube vs TikTok’ video was taken down for violation. It was his most successful video to date, gaining over 5 million likes in a single day. It is argued that if it stayed for a while longer, it would have become the most viewed non-music video in the history of YouTube.

However, the removal of this video by YouTube authorities takes away that chance. CarryMinati is famous in India for using the prototypical roasting style in criticizing the work of others. The removed content was also intended for the purpose of roasting a particular Tik Tok star, who might have reported Carry’s video as the result.

Story Behind The YouTube Vs Tik Tok Video

This video was in response to a clip posted by TikTok star Amir Siddiqui on Instagram TV. Reportedly the clip was a slight jab at popular YouTubers who gained fan following by making verbally abusive content. Siddiqui’s clip was nonsensical but it was targeted at the whole YouTube rather than one person and it was free of bullying and harassment, unlike CarryMinati who decided to single him out and badly humiliated him and Tik Tok both.

Unfortunately that effort was cancelled by YouTube. Even though it was meant to defend YouTube’s honor, it also violated its strict guidelines of cyberbullying that must be observed by every professional YouTuber. These regulations are meant to protect each content creator and eliminate the signs of bullying and harassment. Hurt Indian fans started a riot on social media and a lot of them were demanding the restoration of YouTube vs TikTok video. 

Reactions On Popular Video Being Taken Down

Indian people are using memes to describe what YouTube did to CarryMinati. It was like penalizing the same person who was offering support here it was in the form of ad revenue.

They want that video back but is it possible? It will be discussed later 

One user shares the numbers achieved by YouTube vs Tik Tok video and demands YouTube to restore the content.

This is a party for meme makers. They can hilariously protest in form of memes and hope for YouTube to not take Carry’s roasting very seriously.

Another user shows that YouTube does not remove the content that promotes pornography and violence. Many videos have promoted self-harm and suicide on YouTube for Kids in the past as well as making the platform to take prompt action. Still, there certain videos with questionable content. Therefore, fans are aggressively demanding to review YouTube vs Tik Tok video and unban it

Many Indian fans have made a pact to delete the Tik Tok application and then report it to take out their frustrations.

Some people are wondering how Carry would be plotting his revenge against YouTube.

Can YouTube Restore The Deleted Video?

It totally depends on both video makers; Carry and Siddiqui. If Siddiqui agrees that he is affected in any way, it will be considered harassment and cyberbullying from Carry’s side. It means the video will never come back no matter how many protests or petitions are out there. Moreover, if Siddiqui reported the video himself then there is even a higher chance of that video staying deleted forever.

On the other hand, if Siddiqui takes it as a joke and denies that he was cyberbullied then only then Carry’s YouTube vs Tik Tok video will be restored.

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