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Carve Your Arms with 4 Upper Body Exercises!

Exercise is a necessary part of life for a healthy body and keeps a person active. Maintaining a schedule of regular activities is not an easy thing to do these days because of our hectic routines. However, if you can manage to do so, it can be a great achievement for improving your health.

Exercises do not necessarily mean that you have to join a gym and run on a treadmill for long hours. We have so many training techniques that we can easily do at home.  Numerous activities have been introduced for different parts of our body like belly, arms, or chest.

But here we will focus on upper body exercises for women and men.

Upper Body Exercises for Women

Carving your arms with these simple upper body exercises have proven beneficial for all the exercising ladies and gentlemen.

Let’s have a quick look at it:

  1. The Wrist Curl Exercise

The wrist curl exercise helps in strengthening the relevant muscle group to get a delicate wrist. Follow these simple steps for doing the wrist curl exercise:

  • Take the support of the arm of a sturdy and stable chair, give a rest to your forearm. Over the hedge, place your hands
  • Facing upwards, hold your body weight with your palm.
  • Bend your wrist upwards and downwards slowly.
  • Repeat the following steps for at least 10 to 15 times.
  • With your other hand, repeat the next steps for 10 to 15 times.
  1. The Bicep Curl Exercise

  • Keep your back and chest straight up and hold a pair of dumbbells in your hands
  • Without moving your upper arms, curve your elbows. Twist your body weight towards your shoulders.
  • Straighten your arms and slowly lower your body weight back from where you started
  1. The Push-Up Exercise On the Ball

  • Get yourself a stable ball and maintain a pushup position. Place your feet on the ball, and your hands should be beneath your shoulders
  • Breathe out when you curve your elbow. Lower your chest to the floor.
  • Raise your chest from where you started and breathe in.
  • Do 15 reps of this exercise.
  1. The Lower-Back Extension Exercise

  • Start this exercise with knees and hands on the floor. Sit on your heels and move your arms forward.
  • Move your head up and glide your upper body forward along the ground. It helps in supporting your body weight.
  • Hold your body weight for 1 to 4 seconds. Undo this posture by lowering your chest, raising your hips and bending your knees.

Carve Your Arms with 4 Upper Body Exercises - Revised

Upper Body Exercises for Men

  1. The Bench Press Exercise

  • Grab a bar and turn your back by keeping space between your hips and the bench.
  • After you pull the bar out of the stand, lower it to your sternum by placing your elbows at about 45 degrees. Force your feet into the floor hard enough when the bar touches your body.
  • You can also use a spotter’s assistance to perform the sets mentioned above.
  1. The Dumbbell Row Exercise

  • On a bench, give a rest to your left hand and knee and grab one dumbbell with your right hand.
  • Take your shoulder back and allow the weight to suspend on the ground
  • Select a heavyweight in the second set and perform your reps while keeping your body loose.
  1. Pull-up Exercise:

  • Suspend yourself from a pull-up bar by facing your palms away from yourself.
  • Keep pulling yourself over the bar until your chin is just on the same level.
  1. The Dip Exercise

Swing over equivalent bars and slowly lower your upper body so that your arms are parallel to the floor.

These exercises are surely helpful for you to maintain a fit body. These health and fitness tips for business people would need a few hours of your time each day.

Author - Noor-ul-ain Tahir

Noor-ul-ain Tahir is a student of Mass Communication who loves to write on topics related to health, fitness, and exercise.

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