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Catalonia Independence – Re-election Catalonia Parliament

Spain is undergoing a major political crisis after the MPs voted for Catalonia independence. The Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy declares a state of emergency and imposition of direct rule over it. The PM is also firing Carles Puigemont, a Catalan leader.

The Crisis Behind the Catalonia Independence

The Catalonia Independence crisis started when the Catalan leaders organized an independence referendum on Friday. The poll aimed to defy the ruling imposed by the country’s Constitutional Court.

Around 43% of the total voters have cast their vote. Out of these elections, an overwhelming 90% want to get independence. However, the majority of the voters are not participating in this referendum by boycotting it. Now, the Government of Spain is putting all its efforts to maintain legality surrounding its sovereignty over Catalonian people.

Spanish PM’s Warning to Catalonian People

The Premier of Spain had earlier warned the Catalonians not to go this route of seeking independence. However, his warning did not deter the MPs from holding the Catalonia independence referendum.

The PM now argues that the separatists have left him with no alternative. Thus, Catalonia has to return to Spain. In a bid to deter any violence, the Prime Minister has also sacked Catalonian police chief.

Gathering of Political Support for Further Action

The Spanish PM knows the legality issues that he currently faces. Therefore, he is not acting alone or just by the will of his political party. He is gathering support from across different sides and also asking the public to support him in his actions.

Show of Public Support

The public is responding positively to the requests by the government of Spain. Many in Madrid have already started flying the flags outside their houses on their balconies and windows. They are showing keen support to a united country. The supporters are not just showing support to the Catalonian people, but they also want the government to punish those advocating independence.

Catalonia Independence - The Re-election of the Catalonia ParliamentThe Results of the Earlier Referendum in Catalan Parliament

The MPs there moved a motion to support the declaration of Catalonia Independence. A vast majority of the 70 voters out of 80 have voted to get independence. The total parliament consists of 135 members, and many did not take part in this political exercise.

The Verdict of the Catalonian Separatists

The separatists advocating for the Catalonia independence now maintain that they do not fall under the law of Spain. Therefore, whatever measures are taken by the Spanish Prime Minister do not have any legality over Catalonian people.

The Call for Fresh Elections

The Prime Minister of Spain has already requested the public to stay calm while he deals with the ongoing political unrest in the country. He has vowed to crush the separatists’ movement responsible for bringing up this kind of political turmoil and chaos in the country. He has assured the public that Catalonia will have fresh elections on 21st December this year.

It is not the first case that a part of a country is holding an independence referendum. The Scottish independence referendum is one prime example of disgruntled regions of different countries asking for sovereignty.

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