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Cause Of Bushfire In Australia Raises Suspicion

A huge fire erupted near the city of Adelaide on Monday which scorched 2700 hectares of the grassland. Reportedly, the fire destroyed two houses, 19 barns, and two vehicles. South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS) managed to save 60 houses inside the affected area. The investigations into the cause of bushfire in Australia has been going on since.

Some residents evacuated the city but some stayed to put down the fire along with the firefighting unit. More than 400 firefighters and 50 trucks were on that steep area. Then, there was also some divine intervention that supported their efforts to contain the fire.

Reports did not confirm any injuries or death but one CFS member received minor treatment for inhaling smoke. Authorities advised residents to stay safe from the smoke, which can be fatal for people with heart and lung conditions.

Authorities Try To Determine Cause Of Bushfire In Australia

According to authorities, there were multiple incidents of fires which they referred to as ignition sites. Authorities were concerned that someone deliberately started a fire from these sites in a pattern. The police allegedly caught a man leaving from another scene of bushfire and charged him with igniting a separate but nearby fire.

Police linked another bushfire close by in the Clarendon area which had burnt 1200 hectares of grassland. Both of these fires took place in the most heavily populated parts of Adelaide Hills. According to reports, the police spotted another man speeding away on Piggot Range Road right before the Clarendon fire started.

Alleged Arsonists Arrested By The Police

The person who was speeding away from the scene of Bushfire was allegedly drunk, according to the police. Authorities found him suspicious of arson and charged him with lighting Clarendon Fire.

Humans have not only been the cause of bushfire in Australia but all over the world. Yet, they cannot be the only reason for ever blazing wildfires. According to AccuWeather, the total economic loss including corps, jobs, farms, cars, infrastructures, and business closures, add up to 110 billion USD during this season.

Furthermore, according to WWF report, nearly 3 billion animals have been killed or displaced by fire within one year.

Threat Of Wildfires Still Exist

South Australia is in a state of imminent danger from rising temperatures since the 19th century. Heatwaves have been causing massive fire resulting in huge damage to vegetation and wildlife. According to climate reports, the temperature reached up to 40 degrees C in some parts of South Australia. Whether the recent fire was deliberate or not, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology has forecasted high fire danger in the future.

People living in large cities like Melbourne and Victoria will feel a lot cooler than the outskirts. The weather agency is expecting these suburbs would have to bear up to 41 degrees C during the current heatwave. At the moment, all fires have been contained and the state of emergency has been changed to ‘watch and act’. Concerned citizens have been asking for the cause of bushfire in Australia which involves multiple factors.

the major causes of the 2019-2020 bushfires in South Australia were Lightning strikes, accidents, and alleged arsonists. However, these fires were intensified by global warming, drought, massive fuel loads, high temperatures, and Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD). Aussie politicians have allegedly failed to recognize the threat of these climate factors for which people had bashed them on social media.

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