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What Caused the Fall of Roman Empire?

There are many reasons for the fall of the Roman Civilization. The Roman history is full of acts that made matters worse for the ruling elite at that time. The collapsing Roman Empire had many elements contributing to its tragic demise.

Let us have a look at some of the reasons for the fall of Roman Civilization.

One element is the attacks on the barbarian tribes. The attacks would result in massive military losses for the empire. The Romans had to fight with many barbaric groups, going well beyond the borders.

The attacks from outside may have a major reason. But, the internal reasons might also have contributed to their downfall. The cost of wars with oppressive tax regimes and general inflation was an important cause.

The division of the empire into East and West made it easy to manage things. However, later both the parts would drift into their separate directions. This division would weaken the Romans, resulting in their inability to ward off external threats.

The widespread presence of corruption made it very difficult to govern the country. Therefore, the inconsistency of the policies would hurt policy formulation and make it difficult to implement orders.

The Roman Empire History and Facts

The Roman Empire had some fascinating history. Let us look at the most amazing historical events.

  • At one time in history, its area would cover most of Europe, some parts of Scotland, Wales, and lands around the Mediterranean.
  • Romulus became the first rule of the empire. He had a twin brother that he killed to take over the reign of power. A she-wolf, as per the legend, raised the two brothers.
  • The strong Roman army could march up to 40 kilometers in a single day.
  • The people in Rome would mostly wear two woven fabric stitched together with opens for head and arms.
  • Colosseum is a famous building of this ancient civilization. It is an amphitheater, a place for the public to come and watch sporting events.
  • The ancient civilization would believe in gods and goddess. Each of the god and goddess was considered to have control over different parts of the life. Neptune, for example, God of the Ocean, was prayed to protect from evils of the sea.
  • Romans had a laid back way of eating. They would lay by their side on a couch to eat with their bare hands, not using spoons, knives, or forks. The exotic tastes of this ancient civilization would include delicacies like flamingos and a roasted parrot.
  • Instead of carrying water to the cities, they had aqueducts with bridges and channels for transporting water.
  • They would not use all their time in fighting. Instead, they built vast infrastructures being engineers and architects. These amazing structures still amaze lovers of historic architecture even today.

Beginning of the Roman Empire

Rome came into existence in 753 BC. The formation of the empire took place after the battle of Actium. The nephew and heir of Julius Caesar, Octavian Thurinus, became the first Roman emperor. He was given the name Augustus Caesar. Therefore, Julius Caesar’s was not the first Roman emperor but his nephew.

Therefore, he was not given the name of Emperor but of a Dictator. He wielded supreme political and military power. Furthermore, August Caesar was given the emperor’s title because he had destroyed many of the empire’s worst enemies. He had also played a significant role in bringing stability to the empire.

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