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Country to Celebrate its 77th National Day in Pakistan

Pakistan is all set to commemorate its 77th National Day in Shakarparian, Islamabad Tomorrow, 23rd March 2017.

Full Dress Rehearsal for Celebrating 77th National Day in Pakistan

All three armed forces of the country including Army, Navy and Air Force participated in the full dress rehearsal for the 77th National Day.

The Air Force pilots performed amazing acrobats in their fighter jets. Pakistan Navy showcased its helicopters and reconnaissance aircraft. Pakistan Army’s different contingents also exhibited their arsenal.

Some of the Army Cores regularly participating in the National Day celebrations belong to Armor, Air Defense, SSG, Infantry, Artillery, and Aviation cores.

Notable Ceremonies Coinciding Pakistan’s National day.

  • The 31 Gun Salute in Islamabad and 21 Gun Salutes in Provincial capitals.
  • The change of Guard of Honor at national poet Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s mausoleum in Lahore.
  • The National Day Parade in Pakistan usually starts with the arrival of the Chief Guest, President of Pakistan.
  • All three chiefs of the armed forces, Navy, Army, and Air Force attend the ceremony held.
  • The Chief of Air Staff usually leads the fly past presented to the President of Pakistan.
  • The 77th National Day of Pakistan will feature Chinese Troops and a Turkish Band.

Importance of 77th National Day in Pakistan

Pakistan, as a country, is going through difficult phase of change. The geostrategic importance of Pakistan has garnered interest from other nations with their vested agendas. The fight against terrorism in Pakistan is also entering its final stage of consolidation.

The country has faced many challenges in the past related to its internal peace. A hostile and conniving enemy on the eastern border (India) keeps the country’s Armed Forces busy internally and externally. The hostilities in Kashmir have also gone unnoticed by the international community.

The recent stance of India’s BJP leadership towards Pakistan exhumed with hatred depicts the types of challenges faced by the country. The current selection of a Hindu extremist leader to the realms of power speak volumes about BJP’s anti-Muslim approach towards itself as well as others.

A few days ago India threatened to strike first, by changing its doctrine of using the nuclear weapons. The strike, as per Indian media, will target Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal.

COAS Message on Pakistan’s National Day

COAS Message on Pakistan’s National DayThe COAS, in a message to the nation, reiterated Armed Forces’ resolve to eliminate terrorism from the country. A video released by the ISPR showed General Bajwa asking Pakistanis to promise to get rid of the “fasaadis” in Pakistan.

This message comes just in time to answer India’s aggressive posture towards Pakistan. India also had a lukewarm response towards resolution of Pakistan’s concern related to India’s hydropower projects impacting Indus Water Treaty.

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