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Here Is How You Can Have Fun on Your Boxing Day Holiday

Boxing day falls on December 26, right after the Christmas and it has nothing to do with throwing punches on each other. It has also no connection with any sporting event but it  brings a lot of interesting things to do that can make  holiday season a fun. What turns this amazing event into a treat is the fact that it has unlimited scope of celebrations according to various theories about this day.

What Is Boxing Day?

Before looking at the essence of this day, let’s have a look its origin. Tradition of this day is deeply rooted in United Kingdom and some European countries. It dates back to medieval era, when according to anecdotes, aristocrats used to box money, leftover food or small gifts to acknowledge the services of their employees who served them even on Christmas.

Distribution of Boxes By Churches

Apart from distribution of gift boxes to employees on behalf of employers, there is another tradition of boxing day. It is said that in medieval era churches used to open alm boxes after Christmas and distributed money among poor. The day also coincides with the feast of St Stephen, the christian martyr who was stoned to death for believing in Jesus.

Well, giving money to poor on the eve of Boxing day has not remained a stronger practice anymore as folks already start giving away gifts and other stuff in charity, weeks before Christmas. Now a days people spend this day by relexing on couch, watching soccer, cricket or doing shopping.

What You Can Do on Boxing Day

Here comes the part where you can make this day more special. Boxing day, in modern times is celebrated enthusiastically in UK where people flock to shops after dealers run in race to offer more bargains; something that makes users better off. So, sales that were supposed to start after New Year now start on 26 December that become more of shopping days.

So, on this special eve you can engage in three different kind of activities.

  1. Pack some presents and give it people who deserve it. The recipients can be domestic workers, your employees some underprivileged person whom you know or anyone you think needs a gift from you.
  2. Relax at home, spend time in enjoying the left over food from Christmas dinner and watch your favorite TV show or sports. You can spend your Boxing Day by simply taking out some me time.
  3. The third thing is to go out for shopping, recharge your fuel and update your wardrobe for the year to come. You can also shop for some stuff for new year party as Christmas has gone and you are more likely to come across some unique choices.

So boxing day is all about having fun in your capacity and showing care for the fellow human beings.

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