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Here Is What Celebrities Have to Share on Earth Day

The 50th anniversary of Earths Day is being celebrated on April 22, 2020 worldwide. For the first time Earth Day was celebrated 50-year ago today in United States due to the rising concern for the environmental deterioration.

According to Earth Day Network the world should be flooded with hope, optimism and action this year. Just like the Earth Hour, Earth Day aims to raise awareness about pressing issues like climate change and global warming.

This year people celebrated Earth Day amidst coronavirus outbreak. Plenty of campaigners and many celebrities have taken social media to appreciate the Blue Globe.

Celebrities and famous people from across the globe had special messages to give regarding the importance of saving the Earth for the survival of future generations.

From many Bollywood to Hollywood celebrities have shared some words of wisdom on this Earth Day.

American Actor Leonardo DiCaprio

TheAmerican actor Leonardo DiCaprio who is also the most prominent environmental campaigners took to social media and declared a global call to put an end on the sale of wild terrestrial animals since it was necessary for saving the biodiversity.

American rapper Jaden Smith

Jaden Christopher Syre Smith known as Jaden 21, is an American rapper and son of Will Smith. He clicked a picture with his own brand Water. He wished happy Earth day and give shout-out to Al Gore the Former Vice President of the United States.

American Singer Justin Timberlake

Justin Randall Timberlake (JT) shared a GIF video with a message lucky to call Earth a home.

Indian Actress Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan took to instagram and created a collage of various landscapes and captioned them with beautiful poem Happy Earth Day about Mother Nature with stay-at-home hashtag.

Indian Film Actress Kajol

Indian film actress Kajol 45, tweeted few words of wisdom and wished happy Earth Day to remaining species.

Bollywood Queen Madhuri Dixit

Indian Actress Madhuri Dixit shared a 5 second video of her cycling during lockdown and pledged to play their part for better world.

Indian Model Dia Mirza

Goodwill Ambassador UN Environment Dia Mirza emphasized that everyone should celebrate Earth day just like they celebrate our own birthday

Dalai Lama

Dalai Lama the 14th Tibetan monk put some common sense in a Tweet and encouraged to live in harmony with nature.

American Television Presenter Bill Nye

William Sanford Nye, popularly known as Bill Nye the Science Guy stated  that everyone should take out some time and think about it that they were alone and no one will come to save them.

Joe Biden

Who don’t know the Senator, Vice President and candidate for President of the United States 2020  Joe Biden. He shared a message about his discussion with governor on COVID-19 and climate change

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