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How Celebrities Are Reacting To Police Brutality on Jamia Students in India

India’s controversial Citizenship Amendment Act has caused country wide protests. Muslim citizens of India, particularly students from institutions like Ali Garh Muslim University, Jamia Millia Islamia, Jawaharlal Nehru University and IIT took to streets to raise their voice against draconian amendment in constitution.

Given such a massive show of dissent Indian government used cops to attack the students in their campuses that resulted in several injuries.

According to experts, this CAA is meant to expel, and deny access to Muslim community and undocumented immigrants living in India. By introducing this Act, the Indian government intends to reduce the Muslim population in India.

Jamia Students Get the Betting of their Life

On the night of December 15 students from Jamia Millia Islamia became the victim of vicious assault by Dehli police. The incidents made students feel that they were not safe even inside their campuses. According to reports students sitting in library’s reading halls were also targeted.

The videos and pictures of male and female students being hit by Police had gone viral on social media and became a symbol of resistance in the face of atrocity.

The amassed huge support for students from different factions of society who were out on the streets to demand justice for their fellow citizens irrespective of their religion.

Celebrities Response To The Protest

Actors from far and wide have taken to social media to express their views regarding the ongoing police brutality the student of Jamia Millia University are facing in Delhi.

Free speech is the right of every person, and nobody has the right to suppress it as long as it doesn’t disrespect, offend, or becomes the cause of national shame. For a country to introduce legislature or use force to silence the voice of its people is inhuman.

The introduction of such Acts downplays the very reason why the Indians demanded independence from the British Raj and whether they succeeded to retain their right to free speech and life according to their own free will.


Support from Hollywood

Even Hollywood actor John Cusack who has starred in many great movies like Con Air, expressed his support for the Muslims and the students protesting against the new Act.

Anybody in his right mind would encourage people to adopt a democratic process to resolve any issue they face.

Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap has been the most vocal in support of Jamia students so far.

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