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Celebrities React on Marvel Movie Eternals Getting Banned in Middle East

Marvel movie Eternals was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated films this year. The film was recently released in different parts of the world but got banned in some Arab countries. The ban was due to Disney’s decision not to censor a kissing scene between two gay characters. This grasped the attention of some celebrities who didn’t like the way Arab countries reacted. The streaming platform received multiple requests from the local censors but it did not comply with any of the edit requests. As a result, the movie was removed from the websites and platforms in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar.

Marvel Movie Eternals Banned Due to GULF Norms

Homosexuality is illegal in Gulf and certainly, the Marvel movie Eternals wasn’t doing good at making the film more appropriate for the viewers of these countries. Reportedly, only one scene became the sole reason for the ban on the film. It’s a kissing scene involving Brian Tyree Henry AKA Phastos in the Eternals and Haaz Sleiman who plays Ben. Phastos kisses his husband Ben in the movies.

The intensity of legal actions against the disapproved acts in GULF countries can be understood through another incident that happened in the recent past. In 2020, Onward, the Pixar title created hype when it got banned in Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. The reason was just a single line referring to a lesbian relationship.

Celebrities Against the ban

Upon the news about Eternals getting banned in multiple Arab countries, some Hollywood celebrities spoke about it. In fact, they despised the fact that such countries are negligent towards accepting LGBT existence.

One of the Hollywood stars, Haaz Sleiman who also happens to be the gay superhero in the Marvel movie Eternals slammed the Arab nations. Reportedly, he said that the ban on the film across Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar brought tears to his eyes. He mentioned that the decision to disallow the movie made these countries look pathetic and ignorant. Sleiman said that he doesn’t support or respect the governments with a mindset negating LGBT and that these authorities have showcased how they are just a disgrace to both humanity and God.

Angelina Jolie, who played Thena in the movie, criticized people’s way of thinking about homosexuality. She expressed astonishment that how is everyone comfortable living in such a society that doesn’t accept love and good relationships. Jolie was surprised to see how can someone be so threatened, angry, or against something so beautiful like love. As per her view, the gay actors portrayed a good life and a healthy relationship that shouldn’t have caused trouble for anyone. Lastly, she appreciated Disney for not backing down and censoring the scenes.

Disney Plans to Reconsider Its Decision

The streaming platform has been gaining much attention due to its latest projects that include certain Disney plus series and movies. Also, the actors of the Eternals were playing a good role in making the platform, as well as the Marvel studios, look good. This specifically includes the new look of Kumail Nanjiani in the Marvel movie Eternals. But the recent event has shattered the hype somehow. As per Disney plus, it doesn’t wish to break the viewership in any of GULF countries. Therefore, the OTT platform is considering a revised version of the Marvel movie Eternals. According to reports, Disney is looking forward to releasing the film without the intimate scenes in Arab countries.

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