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Challenges of Single Parenting in India

The challenges of single parenting in India are far more daunting than we can imagine. There is a whole host of issues that a single parent has to navigate.

Single Parenting Issues Faced by Parents in India

Here is a look at the matters of single parenting in India.

The Legal Tussle for Child’s Possession

There are times when single parenting becomes more complicated with the fight for child’s custody. Both the mother and the father want to have the child. No matter who wins in the end, this legal tussle has the potential to leave permanent psychological impacts on the child. Similarly, the parent with the child has to bear legal expenses to fight the case.

Mothers Face Problem in Getting Their Children Admitted in Schools

Many schools in India require the parents to submit the father’s income certificate. However, a single mother cannot produce any evidence of the father’s income. It is a major problem for mothers who are trying to get their children admitted to school without their father’s income certificate.

single parenting in India

Make All Decisions by Themselves

A father or the mother has to make all the decisions by themselves. Imagine a situation in which a mother would have taken a better decision. But since the mother is not there, the father has to handle those situations requiring the expertise of a mother. Similarly, mothers have to brave the society and make tough decisions that the child’s father had to take

Cultural Dynamics and Odd Marriage Proposals

Single parenting in India is terrible for the mother and the father. Even if a single parent wants to dedicate their entire life to raising their child, the society never leaves them alone. They keep on getting proposals of marriage at almost any age. These unsolicited marriage proposals create awkward social situations for them. They have to come up with excuses of saying no to the different types of marriage proposals.

Juggling Between Different Jobs

An important part of single parenting in India is doing different tasks. For a mother, she has to do all the chores at home and also become a breadwinner. She has to juggle between the various tasks, making it difficult for her to balance things. Similarly, fathers single parenting in India does not just have to do a job. They also need to do things that mothers are more suited to do. It means taking care of the motherly requirements of the child.

Continuous Feeling of Guilt

Another challenge of single parenting in India is the sense of guilt. No matter how hard single parents try to do to the best of their abilities, there is always room for improvement. For example, single mother or father working in the office would always think about spending time with their child. They are always trying to overcome the guilt and trying to become a better single parent.

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