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Chaotic Brexit Situation Is Benefiting China While Polarizing EU

Ever since the UK decided to leave the EU 33 months ago, UK lawmakers have failed to present an acceptable deal. Till now it is not clear on what terms the UK will leave EU hence the situation is benefiting China and other countries who are looking for the trade opportunities that may arise consequently.

But, it seems that China’s possible trade intentions with EU Countries in individual capacity are posing threat of divide among Europe.

How is EUs Chaotic Brexit Benefitting China

After surviving a vote of no confidence and having her Brexit deal rejected twice Theresa May is under intense pressure to deliver an acceptable deal and help execute Brexit in the best interest for British citizens. But, it seems that Brexit is becoming a challenge for not the only UK but also for EU as a whole as fissures have started appearing.

Unlike the UK the chaotic situation is benefitting China immensely as European countries are making trade negotiations with it.

The Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will be visiting Brussels for a summit to meet EU leader and then  Croatia to meet the heads of 16 central and eastern European countries for trade negotiations.

China is the second largest trade partner of the EU right after the US. With reportedly, over an overage of 1 billion dollars worth of trade occurring between the two entities on a daily basis. Given such a huge trade volume it said to be essential for European countries to remain unified for concluding trade agreements with China.

Controversies Surrounding  China’s Trade Negotiations

Many EU countries like Germany are skeptical of China intention and are observing it’s every move very carefully. It is vital for EU members to find common grounds to ensure the interests of everyone involved.

According to experts, China’s intention to deal separately with EU countries may give birth to a divided Europe. Bilateral trade with EU member is beneficial to China as it gives it the upper hand.

Another expert while taking to the media said that many EU nations had used China to gain the upper hand or have broken ranks to protect its individual interest which is very detrimental to the union.

This growing urge to protect individual rights instead of protecting collective rights is the polar opposite to the very reason why the EU   was made said another expert while talking to the media. We need to remain united in our goals and force other countries to deal with the union, not the union member. In this way Brexit is so far benefiting China only while pushing other countries into choas.

Impact of China Trade Negotiations on UK

A no-deal Brexit or one with the tough deal will mean that the EU will be now UK’s competitor. The country will now need to negotiate with other nations on its own term so that its economy progresses even after separating from the European neighbors. Both the UK and China are the major economies of the world. Particularly, it is in the UK’s best interest to have a good trade deal with China which is the second largest economy of the world. Well, the nature of such a trade deal will depend upon the mechanism of the UK’s exit from the EU.

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