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Karachi Citizen Requests High Court to Make Charas Legal in Pakistan

One Karachi citizen filed a daring petition in the Sindh High Court. He appealed to make charas legal in Pakistan and allow each citizen to carry 10 grams maximum. This news was bound to divide the public but surprisingly, many Pakistanis have supported the idea of making charas legal in Pakistan.

Court dismissed his plea and asked him why he wanted people to do drugs in the country. The petitioner replied that he did it in public interest. He added that hash is allowed in multiple countries so Pakistan should also consider this. But, the court told him to go smoke in other countries

Debate To Make Charas Legal In Pakistan 

The petitioner, Ghulam Asghar Saeein described the health benefits of smoking charas. He claimed that the majority of the people in Pakistan love to smoke it due to its therapeutic effects. He named a few public health concerns, including COVID-19. He also advised the government that if they decriminalize it, then people will most likely avoid buying from black market drug dealers. The government could provide the product and use the revenue for development (which is in horrible shape for 73 years).

Pakistanis immediately came forward with their digital signature on the petition. They hoped that the court should have given some respect to the product.

They asked the court why they brutally rejected the petition. It was an old poor man who was just asking for a cheap method of euphoria. Pakistanis feel there was nothing wrong in accepting the plea.

Citizens who agreed with Saeein, called all stoners to unite and support this man. There might be a protest if law kept on restricting rights of several groups in Pakistan

This is definitely a legendary move by Saeein, which the public wants the government to notice. Nobody else has shown enough guts to legalize charas in Pakistan.

Former Pakistani Cricketer turned politician, Sarfaraz Nawaz once stated that PM Imran Khan was also a massive drug lover. He recalled the events on 1987 when Khan visited Nawaz’s house in Islamabad. Apparently, after having dinner Khan rolled a joint and smoked it in front of Nawaz. Therefore, if it is really the case then Pakistani government should not feel any obstruction in decriminalizing hashish.

In US elections, many states have voted to decriminalize drugs. Astonishingly, those votes are getting approved and the country is working to implement new (absurd) drug laws.

What Is Charas?

Unlike marijuana, charas is a hashish form of cannabis plant. It is one of the oldest and purest concentration of cannabis which originated from Himalayan region. It is handmade in Jamaica and the Indian sub-continent.

It is made from the resin of the cannabis plant, unlike marijuana which is derived from the grown female plant. In order to obtain charas, the cultivator has to trim the leaves after picking the plant but leave the stem attached. Then it involves a lot of rubbing. The buds need to be rubbed between the palms slowly. Experts say that the slower the rubbing, the better the quality.

Soon due to rubbing, the buds release a couple of residues like oil and tar. A cultivator waits till all the residue is released and forms a ball-like substance, which is called charas.

Countries Where Cannabis Is Legal?

Besides some states of America, many other countries have legalized and decriminalized smoking weed. They include Canada, Jamaica, Uruguay, Holland, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Mexico, and United Kindgdom (need license). There could be more countries on the list who usually get overlooked by mainstream media.

The reason that it is illegal in Pakistan does not make sense because here people smoke more charas than the countries where it is already legal

Recently, Pakistani government gave a green signal for the export of marijuana. There might come a day for charas to become legal in Pakistan, because if the purpose to make its use criminal is to discourage its use then it is clearly not working if stats are to be believed.

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