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Indian Teacher’s Chemistry Themed Wedding Card Goes Viral

I remember once asking my class fellow how stronger our relationships would be if they were as stable as chemical bonds. I had received laughter in response to my question then but now an Indian teacher has made my dream come true by coming up with a chemistry-themed wedding card.

Yes, a wedding card by an Indian couple is going viral on social media for being more interesting than extravagenza at Isha Ambani’s wedding.

Let’s have a look at what is so special in it.

Chemistry Teacher Wedding Card

The card which was simple but elegant conveyed its meaning in the form of chemistry formula. It used bonding symbols rather than heart sign to represent the love.

The more interesting part was the mention of bride and groom’s names; it was just like a representation of element names in the periodic table. The Chemistry teacher just used symbols and the elements (their names) written in polygonal structure.

Have a look at this amazing Wedding Card.

What a Hilarious Symbolism…

Now check the wording which is enough to make every one go Lol. They have termed their ceremony as reaction and the venue as laboratory. 

The card begins with the title of Perfect Chemistry. It represents Vithun who is probably the groom with Vn and Soorya who is probably the bride with Sa. 

It Sparked a Response from Shashi Tharoor As Well

The wedding card is indeed funny without any dispute and it has the heart of everyone who saw it. But, what made it even interesting was Indian scholar and politician Shashi Tharoor’s response.  The man who is popular for his fantastic English vocabulary and his taste in literature just nailed the fecilitation.

While blessing the couple with best wishes he didn’t remain limited to chemistry but also touched upon domains of physics and biology to make it awesome for them.

Folks joined Shashi Tharoor with more relatable responses.

And what kind of bond it could be..? Chemistry buffs were now pondering over.

We don’t know if these Kerala based chemistry teachers are cool even in their real life or not, but they need to be. After all, there has to be a light way to teach students chemistry which is considered as a blood-sucking subject otherwise. 

Well the invitation card has indeed proven entertaining for social media users but we hope that it also helps students understand some basics of chemistry through their teachers’ big day which is going viral on social media for all the right reasons. 

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