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Chester Bennington Death May Be Connected to Suicidal Tendencies

The lead Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington death at just 41 has left the fans devastated Chester Bennington was found dead as per the spokesman for LA County Coroner. The Coroner’s Office received a call before 9:00 am from a house in Verdes Estates.

Chester Bennington Rise to Fame

The singer rose to fame with his band after their start in 1996. They gave some great hits like Faint, Crawling, and Faint. The band has had a mega success with more than 70 million albums sold across the world. Linkin Park also won two Grammies. Meteora was termed as the biggest Billboard 200 chart back in 2003.

Hybrid Theory and Inspiration for a Generation

The generation growing up back in the 2000s was very much attached to Linkin Park. It was hard not to find the copies of their first album “Hybrid Theory” back in the day. The voice of Chester Bennington played a big part in making the band popular, particular when singing with the live crowd of thousands. The range of his vocals would attract both rock and hip-hop audiences across the world.

Why Would Chester Bennington Commit Suicide?

If it becomes established that suicide was the cause of Chester Bennington death, what led him to take such a drastic step?

Death of Chris Cornell

Chester Bennington Death May Be Connected to Suicidal TendenciesChester Bennington death may be linked to the death of Chris Cornell lightly. The singer wrote an open later after the death of Chris Cornell. In that letter, Chester Bennington expressed Chris Cornell as his inspiration and he could not imagine the world without him. The untimely death of Chris Cornell may have become the reason behind the suicide.

Divorce of Parents & Substance Abuse

Besides the death of his friend, he also has a troubled past. The divorce of his parents at an early age of 11 had a devastating impact on him. He started taking methamphetamine, cocaine, opium, marijuana, LSD, and alcohol. Back in 2011 on one of his tours he also started drinking heavily. Substance abuse may have contributed to Chester Bennington death.

Abusive Childhood

The Linkin Park lead vocalist was also at the receiving end of the child sexual abuse from another older male friend when he was just seven. At such young age, he was afraid to ask anyone for help as he did not want people to think he was gay. He suffered the abuse till the age of 13, developing dangerous thoughts of killing other people or running away from home. This abuse led him to start writing songs and drawing paintings. At a later age, he let his father know about the identity of the abuser but did not pursue the case. His father was a police detective who would investigate cases relating to child sex abuse.

Bullying at School

Bullying was another reason which may have contributed to his disturbed mindset. He was physically bullied during his time in school. The boys of his school would pick him up for looking different and being too skinny.

Hacking of Christ Bennington’s Wife’s Twitter Account and Tweets on Chester Bennington Death

In all this hue and cry with tributes pouring in from around the world, one hacker allegedly hacked the Twitter account of Talinda Bennington. The hacker posted some bizarre posts using his wife’s Twitter account. The indescribable tweets about the singer killing himself before the hanging, that his wife was cheating on him or she did not love the singer, and that she encouraged the singer to take his life made the death even more tragic.

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