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Chicken Run 2 Is In Works at Aardman Animations

Here comes the big news for the Chicken Run fans, as Aardman Animations have finally announced its sequel Chicken Run 2. It has been 18 years since the film hit the cinemas and it is still popular around the globe. The movie that featured the exciting lives of chicken behind bars and their planning of an escape collected almost $225 million in the world.

Story Plot of Chicken Run 2

Till now Aardman Animations has announced only the sequel of Chicken Run. Therefore, everything about the plot of Chicken Run 2 is under wraps. Aardman is collaborating with Studio Canal UK and Pathe UK to bring out the sequel of this epic rooster and hen love story that assumed the shape of an adventure.

Aardman has also announced that Chicken Run sequel will follow the release of Shaun the Sheep Movie with StudioCanal.
2018 seems to be a year of several surprising announcements. Earlier, we also heard about Nintendo announcing Mario film with Illumination.

The cast of Chicken Run 2

Not much is known about the casting of Chicken Run 2. There is an apparent reason for producers to keep the details secret. But, it is likely for fans to anticipate whether the original cast of voice actors will return or not. Chicken Run had featured Mel Gibson, Miranda Richardson, Julia Sawalha, Lynn Ferguson, Jane Horrocks and many others. Well, any modifications in the cast will also depend upon requirements of story plot for Chicken Run 2.

Who is Directing and Producing Chicken Run 2

Sam Fell, who has directed the likes of Chicken Run that included Flushed Away and The Tale of Despereaux will be reportedly directing the sequel.  His film ParaNorman had also earned him nominations. John O’ Farrell and Karey Kirkpatrick who wrote the script of Chicken Run will be scripting the sequel as well. Therefore, the audience can at least anticipate the same level of thrill and adventure that the movie offered 18 years before.

Let’s talk about producers; Paul Kewley is producing the film along with David Sproxton and Peter Lord who are executive producers of the film.

Chicken Run 2

What Happened in Chicken Run?

What is making fans excited about Chicken Run 2 is what happened in Chicken Run. The story depicted how chickens think behind the barred cages and how they plot a plan to escape imprisonment and an ultimate fate to end up on the dining table. The most entertaining part of the Chicken Run was those catchy lines by the characters. Ginger that was voiced over by Julia Sawalha leads the fellow chickens to escape by taking training from Rocky which was played by Gibson. The story takes place in a Yorkshire poultry farm known as Tweedy’s farm.

And, all those chickens strive to escape the place before their owner makes a pie out of them. Interestingly, the story is much hilarious. It is a brilliant comedy out of what can be the life of chickens. If you have watched all the best comedy movies of 2017 and looking for an entertaining stuff from that characterized the 90s, then consider watching Chicken Run.

No wonders why the film had garnered massive rating at Rotten Tomatoes along with Golden Globes and BAFTA nominations. We can also anticipate for the story to incorporate some new themes suitable to the requirements of the modern generation.

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