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Protest Against Frequent Use Of Smartphones in Germany By Children

In this modern age of IOs and Android, if someone doesn’t have a Smartphone, our brain is forced to imagine their miserable life. In fact, we question ourselves if they even alive? It doesn’t matter what we are doing, we have to share it on social media for the publicity of our stunts (Like cooking, eating and breathing). From teenagers to adults, rich to poor and bachelors to parents of all kinds, class, and types of the audience are using social media through smartphones for expressing their lives more openly.

Yet! The new and upcoming generation has taken a step against this technology which is making their parents careless towards the children, yes I am talking about the kids who protested against Smartphones addiction of adults! According to the media some of the brave children in Hamburg, Germany protested excessive smartphone use by the parents. These children were so furious about their parents neglecting them just because their software got a new update or they are stuck on some level in candy crush!


Discussing The Smartphones Dilemma feels like…….

Some years ago our elders used to criticize the use of technology and smartphones because back then they did not know how to use these gadgets. And then suddenly they got their very own tablet or iPhone! Yes then the scene reciprocated, and they seemed more busy tagging their best old buddies over the memes on Insta and Facebook than their children were. That is the reason why most of the mothers were not able to cook and wash clothes because they were busy on a video call with their friends. And if someday they actually prepare a good meal for children it has to be posted on social media before they can start eating it. On the other hand, fathers remained busier than mothers, as I believe men do more gossip then women, you have to observe it someday!

And the current situations seems like…..

Currently, the dining table is a good signal catching point whereas the parents don’t know how to speak. It seems like the place does not matter because people are half present and half lost in their Smartphone. That has a very abusive and a negative impact on the lives of their children. When the parents themselves don’t know how to express their feelings verbally and use FB status for expressing all the emotions, how will their child learn to speak and express? Definitely, this will make their new generation speechless like them. These kids in Hamburg are disappointed to see the situation of their families. Finally, they have gathered their voice and protested. These kids have mentioned many essential points in their protest including;

  • The desire of watching all family speaking together and paying attention towards each other more than their gadgets.
  • To have a story which is not shared on Snapchat instead narrated to their parents on the dining table.
  • A home where love has been given to people, not Smartphone and relations are more important.

Sometimes I am forced to accept that the approach which children have about life is much more analytic and critical. Our smartphones beep, and we breathe, this is how I would define the contemporary man’s life. We as adults should understand their way of judging at all. Parents should respect the love of their children and give them time and space. As these children realize that older generations have forgotten, the importance of human relationships! They know that technology is the type of slavery in which the slave has no right to object because they don’t know their status. So here is a small advice from these children and me, Love your family, not the software upgrade!

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