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China on Doklam Plateau Lessons for India

The spat over the Doklam plateau is over for now. There is a constant exchange of hot headed PR messages from both sides. These words show the typical “who is the winner” psychology. The Indians claim that Modi did an excellent job. The Chinese side shares the same sentiment.

Doklam Plateau and the Aftermath

China, after the Doklam Plateau conflict, says that India must draw lessons from it. Furthermore, the Foreign Minister of the country said that India must prevent similar events from taking place in the future. The Chinese Foreign Minister was giving a briefing before the start of the upcoming BRICS summit.

A Conflict of Verdict

The Chinese side maintains that only India is withdrawing its troops and equipment from the Doklam Plateau. However, the India side stated earlier that both the countries were withdrawing their troops from the border.

The Doklam Plateau conflict stands as a bone of contention between the two nations. The tension reminds political observers of the Sino-Indian war which took place back in 1962, comprehensively won by China.

The External Affairs of India so far did not offer any comment on the remarks by the Chinese Foreign Minister.

The Indian side does not claim the Doklam Plateau but considers it a strategic location for its military.

Construction of the Road on Doklam Plateau

Road on Doklam PlateauThe Indian Army trespassed, entering into the Chinese territory to stop the building of the road. The Chinese were building a road on the Doklam Plateau under the One Belt On Road initiative. However, the Indian side says it gives an undue tactical advantage to the People’s Liberation Army.

So far there is no confirmation if China will construct the road in the future. China maintains that it will consider the weather conditions to see if it can build the road on Doklam Plateau or not.

Meeting on Sidelines of BRICS Summit

The apparent end to the Doklam Plateau China India conflict does not completely evaporate the underlying tensions.

The Chinese Foreign Minister added that it is only natural for two big countries like India and China to have differences. However, he hopes that the two nations will sit together to improve their relations and bring stability to the region.

When asked if the Indian PM and Chinese President will meet, he said that it depends on their willingness. Furthermore, he added that if there exists a desire, the Chinese side will arrange a meeting on the sidelines of the BRICS summit.

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