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China India Relations to Deteriorate Further

China India relations come to a new low with the rising border tensions at Doklam plateau. China already conveyed its displeasure over the current standoff. Chinese government told its foreign diplomats in Beijing that it will not wait for long. The authorities say that the Chinese Liberation Army will not stand by for an indefinite period.

Diplomatic Community Worried About China India Relations

Beijing’s diplomatic community is worried about China India relations. Some of the diplomats have communicated the government’s position in this matter to Indian and Bhutanese authorities. The blockade of road work in Doklam plateau by Indian troops is tensing an already strained China India relationship. The Chinese diplomats had a closed-door meeting to convey their dismay over the gridlock.

The Chinese also told the Indians that the Indian Army soldiers trespassed into the Chinese territory. This trespassing by Indians led to change in the status quo. On the other hand, Indians have communicated to China that the construction of the road will change the status quo there.

The Chinese authorities maintain that they have substantial evidence suggesting that Doklam plateau belongs to them. They say that they have receipts of grass tax paid by Bhutanese herdsmen. The Chinese side wants the Indian Army to pull back from their position on the immediate and unconditional basis.

Indian Foreign Sectary on the Border Standoff

The Foreign Sectary of India has said that both the countries have the strategic maturity to resolve the Doklam standoff. Furthermore, he added that both countries could handle the situation. He acknowledged the fact there exists a difference of opinion about the matter between the two sides. However, he believes the current situation will test the China India relations.

The Fears of New Asian War Still Persist

The China India relations have got a severe hit back with the Doklam plateau dispute. All three sides including China, India, and Bhutan lay claim to the plateau.

China India Relations To Deteriorate FurtherA lot had changed since the war between both parties a long time ago. India is no more a debt infested country with the weak army or fragile financial circumstances. Similarly, China has emerged as one of the global economic powers recognized across the world. Therefore, the level of resources both countries possess suggests that they are not going to back down anytime soon.  

The Indian authorities have not given any convincing reason for stopping construction of the road by the Chinese company. However, there was an understanding to maintain status quo. But, it seems the building of the road at the Doklam plateau went against it.

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