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China Suggests Diplomacy to Resolve Korean Peninsula Conflict

China finally wants a diplomatic solution to overcome the Korean Peninsula conflict between the US and North Korea. The Chinese Foreign Minister said on Monday to resolve the Korean Peninsula conflict in a diplomatic yet peaceful manner.

Germany Offers a Role to Resolve Korean Peninsula Conflict

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel also offered Iran-style talks to overcome the Korean Peninsula conflict. Germany played a critical role in brokering a deal between the US and Iran. Furthermore, the Chancellor added that the talks with Iran in 2015 could be seen as a model to conduct successful negotiations.  

A Successful Past Attempt to Diplomacy with North Korea

In 1994, North Korea, for the first time, announced that it would withdraw out of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The treaty asks the non-nuclear states not to develop nuclear weapons. At that point, there was no evidence of North Korea possessing any nuclear weapons. The country was still producing the plutonium that led to the US carrying out preventive strikes on its plutonium facility.

Jimmy Carter’s Role in Averting a War-Like Scenario

At that time, Jimmy Carter went to Pyongyang and met Kim Il-sung. Both the countries agreed to sign a treaty in October 94. The diplomatic efforts prevented North Korea from constructing two big reactors.

In response, the United States agreed to provide North Korea with two light-water reactors and 500,000 tons of heavy fuel oil. However, Washington did not fulfill its promises made to the country’s leadership. Thus, the regime started enriching plutonium for the long range missile tests.

China Suggests Diplomacy to Resolve Korean Peninsula Conflict

Fresh Sanctions on North Korea

The UN has called to impose stricter sanctions on North Korea. However, it is not clear the type of measures that United Nations will impose. In the past, China and the US have negotiated sanctions to resolve the Korean Peninsula Conflict.

However, the verdict of the Russians and Chinese differs from that of the United States. These two countries want to impose sanctions which would force a political outcome of the Korean Peninsula conflict. They want a freeze-for-freeze in response, and, they expect the US and South Korea to stop their joint military exercises. The Russian President believes that the total oil cut off will severely impact the North Korean people.

Mathew Rycroft, the UN Ambassador of Britain, has supported the US measures that ask for stricter sanctions. Furthermore, he added that the United Nations must exert maximum possible pressure on the country’s leadership.

North Korea’s Response to the Fresh UN Sanctions

The North Korean leadership has already given stark warning to the United States. The country’s leadership has warned that it will give the US the greatest pain in its history if the sanctions get passed. Besides imposing an oil embargo, the US has proposed travel or financial ban and to halt textile exports from the country.

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