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Chinese Family’s Weight Loss Journey is A True Inspiration

A Chinese family’s weight loss journey is going viral on Instagram. Four people that include a father, mother, son, and daughter in law, have offered the world a new kind of motivation for getting a slim body

Before going into detail, just ask yourself one thing. How many of you like going to gym with your father? Most probably the reply is not going to be much encouraging in term of number. But this Chinese man’s story shows that doing work out with your father is a good idea; mainly when the purpose is to get rid of the fat body.

Let’s have a look at Chinese family’s weight loss story.

They did it to welcome a New Family Member?

The before weight loss picture shows that all the family members with a bulging tummy. So, they have got something to lose. But the second person, who is probably daughter in law in the family seems to be pregnant due to an apparent baby bump. Later, in the after picture, xyjesse, the Instagram user has captioned the post as “All my families. Welcome my baby Johnny….”

Those of you who had not made New Year’s resolution to lose weight, still have a time. Just start doing it now, to welcome the New Year while being in a shape.

Father and Son Hitting the Gym Together

Other Instagram posts showed Xyjesee doing tough work-out in the gym along with his father; their journey span almost six months. The videos that show these two men, doing jogging and lifting heavy weights are also an inspiration for the middle age men. Being old doesn’t mean that person should give up on goals of a fit body.

How They Managed to Lose Weight

Instagram posts reveal that family used a combination of exercises for meeting their weight loss goals. But they have not mentioned anything about the diet plans. They have used a general weight loss program that combines work-outs with specific diet plans.

A Family Oriented Weight Loss Goals

These Chinese folks have provided the world with quite a family oriented weight loss goal. Such a thing also makes sense. A person who is all alone on his journey to achieve something is more likely to get demotivated. Doing something in a group also keeps the morale high. If you think that making an effort all alone wouldn’t keep you going, then you should consider the company of their parents or siblings. In this way, they would also get just another idea to make 2018 a unique year of their life.

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