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Tensions Remain High Amid Chinese Indian Conflict

The tensions simmering out of the Chinese Indian conflict are not dying down anytime soon. China is getting frustrated with its calls for a diplomatic solution falling on deaf ears to resolve North Korea.

Chinese Indian Conflict Takes A Violent Turn

Chinese Indian conflict saw an increase in tension with the soldiers of the two sides becoming frustrated. The soldiers yelled and threw stones at each other near the Indian occupied Kashmir region. The new standoff rose the tensions at both sides of the border.

The Indian version of the events tells that Chinese soldiers were trying to enter the Indian territory. However, as per the Indian media, they were stopped by the Indian soldiers. The Indian soldiers did retaliate without using guns or ammunition.

China did not comment on this new development. However, it has called upon India to comply with the government agreements. It has also urged the Indian side to contribute to maintaining border peace and stability.

The Reason for the Latest Confrontation

Tensions Remain High Amid Chinese Indian ConflictAlthough, China did not give any official response. The Indian side argues that a Chinese patrol strayed off its way due to bad weather, entering the Indian territory by mistake. One officer, contradicting the above account, said that the soldiers did fire at each other before throwing stones. Furthermore, the Indian official said that soldiers on both sides did receive minor injuries.

Doklam Plateau Standoff Keeps Lingering On

One of the main reasons for Chinese Indian conflict is the Doklam plateau conflict. The area disputed between the three countries including India, China, and Bhutan has become a bone of contention. New Delhi sent its soldiers into the Chinese territory to stop it from constructing a road. The troops remain stationed on the construction site of the road.

China has demanded India numerous times to withdraw its soldiers. However, New Delhi and Beijing still struggle to resolve the matter. The two countries are not alien to confrontation and conflict. They fought a bloody war back in 1962 with casualties on both sides.

Beijing wants India to withdraw its soldiers from the plateau. However, New Delhi weary of the development wants both the sides to draw back their troops from that region.

Latest Verdict from Both Sides

The Chinese said that their soldiers try not to engage in any escalating confrontation. Similarly, the Chinese side said that New Delhi needs to do more to overcome this conflict.

On the other hand, Indian military intelligence sources claim the Chinese side tried to escalate the situation further. It said the other hand wanted to increase the tension along the border.

A Recent Video by China Offends Sikhs in India

Some international media outlets are reporting about a racist video allegedly released by Chinese state media. The video is featuring a female Chinese actress wearing a fake beard and turban to imitate Sikhs. In this video, Dier Wang says that India has trampled international laws and is inventing excuses to try and legitimize its illegal moves. The presenter also attempts to speak in an Indian accent to make it look like a more direct attack. The video with the title of “7 Sins of India” is seen thousands of times on YouTube.

Here are the 7 Sins of India that the video claims.

  1. Trespassing
  2. Violating Bilateral Convention
  3. Trampling International Law
  4. Confusing Right & Wrong
  5. Blaming the Victim
  6. Hijacking Small Neighbor
  7. Sticking to Mistake Knowingly
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