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Chinese Mars Mission Already in Progress

The Chinese Mars Mission is progressing to reach the launch target by 2020. One of the top officials and Chief Architects of the Mission has said. Furthermore, he added that the Chinese Mars Mission would collect data relating to the atmosphere of the planet, surface structure, environment, and morphology.

The scientists in China know the importance of conducting experiments on the Mars’ surface. They also recognize that it will help the country develop future technologies for the private industries and the military.

Plans for the Chinese Mars Mission

The Chinese Mars mission will send the Long March-5 carrier. The launch is expected to take place sometime in 2020. The rocket will use the launching facilities in Hainan Province of China.

The lander will get into the orbit by the end of its journey in 7 months’ after the launch It will touch down while orbiting at low altitude. The Chinese space explorers plan to send the lander to Mars’ northern hemisphere. The space vehicle will travel around 54.6 million kilometers to reach its destination.

The probe will consist of three elements including rover, lander, and orbiter. The CNSA (China National Space Administration) will be guiding the rover from its Space Command Center located in Taiyuan region of Shanxi Province.

China Enters the Space Race

Russia and the US have always been ahead in sending the space exploration missions. These two have launched rover missions and satellites reaching the dusty planet. The International Space Station is one such marvel that greatly helps space exploration missions conduct different types of experiments.  China has to do a lot of work to join the race to launching space missions. Even India and South Korea have their space exploration teams.

Chinese Mars Mission Already in Progress

Mars Village in China

The country will build a village imitating the conditions on the red planet. The remote site is already selected for this purpose in China’s Qinghai Province. The village will be named ‘Simulated Mars Station.’ The CNSA will also use this facility to train its astronauts and conduct lab research. It will also have a separate part for the tourists to see and experience conditions like the red planet. They would be able to feel conditions like the arid and desert terrain and experience weightlessness.

Other Countries’ Space Mission to Mars

The Chinese Mars mission is lagging behind. India has already sent its mission to Mars. The India’s Mangalyaan or The Mars Orbiter Mission is already orbiting the planet since 24th September 2014. South Korea, on the other hand, is working on its mission to send to the red planet by 2027. Furthermore, UAE is also working on its project “Al Amal.” The country is working in collaboration with academics and scientists at Colorado University. The plan is to ensure that the rover starts orbiting the red planet by 2021.

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