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These Christmas Tree Eyebrows are New Holiday Sensation

The holiday season is just approaching, and youngsters are coming up with fantastic new look ideas. This year Christmas tree eyebrows are inevitably going to be in trend. The style that seems to be an alteration of the feathery eyebrow is likely to get attention among youngsters. Instagram users are excitedly embracing the look to celebrate this holiday season with style.

Let’s see whether embellishing your eyebrows in this way is an easy DIY or not.

What the Christmas Tree Eyebrows are all about

Well, Christmas Tree Eyebrows look is not that much complex as it may seem. As mentioned above it is just a very slight change in feather-like eyebrows. The pictures show Instagrammers flaunting this look by coloring the eyebrow hair in red and green. Apart from Christmas tree theme colors, users have come up with few interesting variations as well. Girls are using beads, studs and shiny stickers to make a perfect Christmas tree on their eyebrows. Well, the good thing is that no restrictions of colors. Followers can use this trend according to their ease and taste.

Christmas Tree Eyebrows

Star-Studded Eyebrow Look

There are two primary methods of adopting this look. The first approach is way too easy. All you need is to brush your eyebrows to get a feathery look. Make sure; there is a definite parting in the middle. Now, just put a star or a stud on each end of the feather or the branch.

The second method is a little bit complicated. Here, you need to use stickers on the feathers. It is better to decorate your feathery eyebrows with golden and silver labels. Try to put the bulb like studs on the other end of feathers for getting a complete Christmas tree eyebrow look. Just make sure that each method you choose is easy for you to carry. While putting the studs, pay extra attention to fixing them. Otherwise, they will fall making your Christmas tree incomplete.

There are not only these two methods. Designing of eyebrows offers as many variations as the nail paint art does.

Colorful Feathery Eyebrows

This way is the easiest as well as classy for getting Christmas tree eyebrows. All you need to have is the different colors that you can quickly get from your makeup palette. Just make feathery eyebrows base and paint each feather with different colors. Finally, add red dots at the end of or use the studs. You can also extend this style to cover the eyelashes.

Tip: Don’t try making a Christmas tree on both of your eyebrows. It can give an impression that you are following a Halloween theme.

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