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The Arrest Of 17 CIA Agents In Iran Working In A Ring

In a statement issued by the Iranian minister of intelligence, a total of 17 CIA agents have been captured. Some of these captured spies have been sentenced to death. It took the Iranians 12 month to arrest the 17 agents.

Iran May Have Genuinely Caught 17 CIA Spies

In past Iran has made similar claims which have turned out to be bluffing. According to media reports, the CIA does have a history of trying to recruit in Iran but to a large extent, has failed. The CIA generally targets a selected number of people. For starters, the CIA looks for people who want to leave Iran and come to the US or those individuals who are looking to earn in foreign currency.

To back its claims, the minister of intelligence released a photo showing the CIA operative who acted as a contact between the 17 CIA spies’ caught. The US secretary of state while commenting on the matter said: “We are closely monitoring the situation and will take action accordingly.”

The stiffen stance, and the seizure of a British oil tanker passing through the Strait of Hormuz has further deteriorated Iran’s relation with the west. Earlier Iran had shot down a  US drone flying over the Strait of Hormuz.

Warnings to Freeze Iranian Assets

The British Prime Minister in response to the seizure of the tanker is seriously considering freezing all Iranian assets in the UK, but as of yet no proper decision has been announced. Despite putting economic sanctions, there is no change in Iran’s aggression. The US president in a press briefing called on allied countries to take a stronger stance against Iran.

The Rising Tensions in the Region

The tension between Iran and the West has been on the rise ever since the US pulled out of the Iranian nuclear deal.

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