CIA Device Hacking and What You Need to Know

CIA device hacking reaches epic proportions

CIA is notoriously known for its access to the cutting-edge modern technology and use it for its benefit, the way it seems right. This time around WikiLeaks has leaked documents about the alleged CIA device hacking.

CIA Device Hacking – The Reality Check

We are getting used to the news of spy agencies around the world getting into people’s personal data and getting away with it. But, we just shrug off such tall claims thinking the new technology would make it safer.

The news of Spy agencies tapping our private devices is become a common thing. We cannot just ignore these sorts of problems and think that everything will remain fine.

We need to find a way to protect our privacy. The new WikiLeaks reveal a startling revelation that CIA device hacking makes our high-tech smartphones and smart TVs vulnerable to it.

Hackers from Russia or CIA

The new WikiLeaks on CIA device hacking reveals that the intelligence agency has used the technology to its true identity. The new leaks say that whenever there occurs a hacking attempt, CIA leaves a cyber-trail as if it were Russian hackers who did that.

CIA Device Hacking Technology Stolen

CIA Device Hacking Technology

Even if we all consider CIA to follow the ethics of cyber hacking, WikiLeaks has identified another problem. The leaks say that CIA device hacking technology is already in the wrong hands. The advanced hacking tools which once remained only accessible to CIA can now get into the hands of the world’s most notorious criminals with twisted minds and evil agendas, who may use them the way they like.

How does CIA use its hacking technology?

There are numerous ways for CIA device hacking in practice

Fine Dining

Don’t try to relate it to a fine dining restaurant; it is not what you think. The newly developed Fine Dining tool lets the user insert a USB drive into a PC which downloads information from Windows computers. However, it is appearing to do something different or good for your PC, like scanning it for viruses.

Weeping Angel

This deadly hack puts your TV into a “Fake Off” mode. The owner of the TV believes that it is off. However, the TV is secretly eavesdropping, using its mic. Weeping Angel sends these secretly recorded conversations to the CIA via the internet.


EVE is an exploit used by the CIA device hacking team to get into the Apple devices. EVE was used to secretly activate microphones for listening through users’ devices while making the cameras their eyes. They also used EVE to steal text messages and revealed the victim’s location.


Sandbox is yet another devilish hacking tool used by the CIA. Sandbox separates the browser installed on a device from its operating system. The idea is to ensure that controls set by the operating system do not work on the internet browser. Sandbox gives more freedom to the CIA giving freedom to operate via a web browser.

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