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What Is Cinematography In Films and Cinematographer Duties

Have you ever wondered why the film is a different medium from Television and other contemporary entertainment media? And what makes it more attractive and fascinating for the audience. Well, the credit of all that craziness about films goes to the cinematography and cinematographer duties. It takes weeks’ and even months long contemplation, planning and amalgamation of technique and creativity by a cinematography director to put together the best ingredients for carving out an entertaining cinema experience for the audience.

 So, what is Cinematography?

The cinematography is an art that begins with the visualization of a story. It requires putting a writer’s imagination into the reality in such a manner that it appeals to the viewers. On a fundamental level, a cinematographer is more like a cameraman who captures a scene to make it look real. At it’s highly advanced level cinematography is just one example of augmented reality. The art utilizes the available technology like lighting, camera, sound effects, visual effects and different software to create a worth seeing experience.

What are Cinematographer Duties?

Another name of the cinematographer is the director of photography. Briefly, following are the cinematographer’s duties and the tasks he performs.

  1. Planning the visuals of a film
  2. Deciding the position of lighting and camera concerning a shot, scene, sequence and even actors.
  3. Choosing for the utilizing a different kind of cameras, lenses and lighting equipment that might be required in the process of shooting a film
  4. Operating a camera upon such requirements
  5. Deciding the roles of camera and lighting crew.
  6. Supporting the film’s director on shooting the scenes in a way to appeal the visuals.
  7. Deciding upon which stage should look like real one and which view should have more expressions.
  8. Looking for the best artificial light and sound effects
  9. Assisting in post-production to edit out the visuals for a film.

Cinematographer Duties

The significance of A Cinematographer Duties

After the story, acting and direction, cinematographer’s duties are the most compelling factor in the success of a film. While the most of the best comedy movies might not need a good art of cinematography, the action movies must need a carefully planned one, because story and acting are not the only reason why cinema lovers spend on purchasing the film’s tickets- they can experience same things on TV and other media as well. These are the breathtaking and near to reality scenes that build the audience’s craze for the cinema screen.

Further, cinematographer’s duties are worth making a person earn millions of dollars per month. It all depends upon a person’s dedication to the profession.

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