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CIVCON 7- An Unprecedented Event by UET Lahore

CIVCON season 7, an iconic event is the example of UET (University of Engineering and Technology)’s decades-long tradition of nurturing the talent through extra-curricular activities. This year ICE students chapter of UET Lahore held the season seven for CIVCON, a four days long event, marked by competitions, discussions and entertaining concerts.

An overview of the event shows that Pakistani universities for higher education like UET Lahore are promoting an ecosystem where students get a chance to bring out their creativity.

Here is the brief outlook of what happened at UET Lahore’s Civicon 7.

Rewarding And Engaging Contests

Events like CIVCON 7 bring the healthy competitions for the students that not only prepare them for practical life. but, also allows them an opportunity to test their knowledge. This year ICE students chapter of UET Lahore came up with the competitions like Web War, iCreate, Green Building Contests- they allow the students to utilize their skills and come up with solutions for the pressing problems in the field. All these competitions are not outdated and designed to meet the requirements of modern day businesses.

In the tech-powered era the web designing, graphic designing, and ideas about sustainable business development are more in demand.

(Credit – HoursTv)

Discussions on Town Planning And Architecture

Where does education in Pakistan stands also depends upon how much students in institutions get to know about practical implementation for what they learn in the classroom. Unfortunately, in Pakistan, there is a gap between industry and academia. One way to fill this gap is to arrange the discussions by the mentors, who have years of experience for working in the practical field. CIVCON 7 at UET Lahore also arranged the discussions by industry gurus. The expert engineers and town planners shared their thoughts on experiences in the field an enlightened the path for students, who are eager of knowing where to go after crossing the university gate.

UET Lahore EventThe administration also arranged discussions with the keynote speakers who are social activists and an example of how to bring a positive change in society for showing care towards the most vulnerable stakeholders.

Musical Concerts At UET Lahore

It is obvious that events at universities are incomplete without musical concerts. So the Civcon 7 featured the musical performances by campus singers and a closing ceremony concert by the heartthrob Bilal Saeed. Such a night of entertainment also ensures the lively atmosphere at campuses and a way to break the monotonous life that typically roams around the lectures, exams, syllabus books and other such not so attractive stuff.

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