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These Civil War Memes Mock Indian Media’s Fake News about Karachi

As per Indian media, Karachi, the finanical hub of Pakistan is facing a crucial warlike situation. The news based on their assumptions is directing the Pakistani public to troll Indian media’s fake news by making civil war memes. They are very much active in letting India know about the idiocy behind their news. 

Civil War Memes and Indian Media’s Fake News about Karachi Explosion

Recently, an Indian media outlet broke the news regarding a blast in a building near Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi. It captioned the information about injured and deceased individuals in the explosion and associated it with the civil war in Karachi, Sindh. Furthermore, several other news outlets in India also pursued spreading false civil war news. 

As an outcome, Pakistani meme-makers took an opportunity of revealing their talent before India by making civil war memes. They initiated a blast of memes and funny videos in order to project what they think of the civil war in Karachi, Pakistan. Allegedly, the humorists of Pakistan wanted to show their neighbor country that they can get back to India in a comic way; after all, it is the nation responsible for the iconic Pakistani meme wow grape.

They depicted the civil war situation through creating funny pictures of Pak Air Force jets and the public made fake fighter jet in combat. 

What made India assume about Civil War in Pakistan

The reason behind India’s speculations regarding the civil war In Pakistan is based on the current IGP (Inspector General of police) abduction situation. IG Sindh was allegedly abducted by Rangers to make him sign arrest warrant of Captain Safdar after Karachi PDM rally. Captain (Retd.) Safdar is the husband of opposition part PML-N’s leader Maryam Nawaz Sharif and he was arrested for chanting political slogsn on shrine of Quaid-e-Azam and hence sabotaging the sanctity of place.

The alleged abduction of IG Sindh reportedly made any employees of Sindh Police to apply for leave as an attempt of seeking an inquiry into the matter. While, the situation indeed created a rift between institutions it was not anywhere near a cold war, since life in Karachi is usual and there is no turmoil.

This scenario created a fuss around the divided subcontinent, as India exaggerated the whole event into a full-blown civil war through fake news, thus proving the concept of hybrid war in practicality.

Indian journalist and news anchor Arnab Goswamy covered the news in which the alleged warlike circumstances were being revealed. According to his news reports, the Pakistani army and police are in a state of conflict and inflicting chaos in the country (which is obviously not true).

Pakistani media also humorously replied to India by showing them how submarines, fighter jets, and civilians are in a state of war with each other. The media presumably exposed India’s not so authentic news concerning Pakistan’s political and social issues. 

Michael Kugelman, the Deputy Director of Asia program at Wilson Center and an expert in South Asia political situation also presented with a sarcastic comment on India’s failed attempt to prove anarchy in Pakistan. He took a jibe at India’s accusation of Pakistani pigeons spying in India by linking it with the alleged civil war situation.

Some of the Funny Memes and Clips

Pakistani public has an eye for looking at things in a funny way. These civil war memes are just proof of how India’s fake news aimed at propaganda and misleading the masses is just an attempt worth-mocking.

They used video games as a visual representation of the fake war scene, where people are gathered to attack each other. The game scene symbolizes the army against police and gangs roaming around Quaid’s Tomb. 

Memers also took the movie Avengers civil war to deliver a humoristic message. The men in police uniform and along with those in costumes of Marvel characters are seen fighting and running. Since the scene is taking place at an airport, the civil war memes makers portrayed it as Karachi International Airport. 

Bollywood also played a role in helping the Pakistani public to make funny pictures. The captions they gave are the actual source of mockery towards India. Here action scene from one of the old Bollywood films casting Mithun, a popular Bollywood star; the actor in the scene is hiding behind a bicycle to protect himself from bullets. According to the maker of the meme, the scene gives an idea of police against the army at Gulshan e bagh, Karachi. 

Civil war memes became entertainment for the public, as the representation was uncanny. People showed kids from some rural areas beating each other. It seemed like Sindh’s situation was uncontrollable since uniforms were facing conflicts. 

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