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What is the Real Story Behind Clubhouse Data Leak News?

The news regarding the clubhouse data leak refers to the alleged cyberattack that affected millions of users as their personal data was leaked online for free. The voice chat media platform is currently under speculation as social media users have started questioning the credibility of the app. Aside from the fuss about data hacking and leaking, the CEO of Clubhouse claimed that this talk of the town is nothing but rumors.

Scraped Clubhouse Data Leak Raises Questions

Clubhouse, the voice chatroom application is now going through a crucial phase because of an alleged hacker attack. It infers that around 1.3 million users’ data was exposed online. After the viral news about the clubhouse data leak, multiple users have started inquiring about the platform’s reliability in terms of the security of user information. Another question joins the wonderment expressed by the public that whether Clubhouse will also answer to Federal Trade Commission like the other tech giants after this security breach or not.

Also, many app users have shown concerns regarding the adverse effects of the security breach. As per their apprehension, they are stressed if the leaked data can be used against the clubhouse users in the form of phishing attacks.

What Sort of Data are We Talking About?

The leaked scraped data involves duplicity of users’ personal information on the platform. For instance, names, User IDs, URL of pictures, No of Followers, Instagram and Twitter handle, and lastly, the account activation as well as creation dates. Although, the clubhouse data leak did not involve any particular information including the credit card numbers that could help harm a user financially.

CEO Clubhouse Denies Hacktivity Reports

Previously users were thinking about how to use Clubhouse for android with certain clones and now curious about the data breaching. Nonetheless, Paul Davison, CEO of Clubhouse denied the news about the Clubhouse data leak. He stated that the information is misleading and untrue since the platform has not been hacked. He also mentioned that the data which is creating all the fuss is public profile information. Anyone can access that user data through the Application programming interface (API) or via App.

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