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WWE Fans Go Nuts Over The Return Of CM Punk

In a routing, WWE broadcast, the long-departed and greatly loved wrestler CM Punk made a surprise appearance and announced his return to the show but not as a wrestler as a presenter. After hearing this fans went wild.

CM Punk Returns

CM Punk first entered the stage with WWE in 2015 and took the show by storm. In a short time, he developed one of the largest fan followings and established himself as a force to reckoned with. The WWE superstar after holding the champions title for two years lost to the Rock.

After wrestling for 434 days, the wrestling superstar due to medical reasons and poor company attitude decided to leave the company in 2014. Since then, the superstar has embarked on various adventures like writing comics for marvels, competing in the UFC competitions, and has recently stared in horror movie called Girl on the Third Floor.

While making a surprise appearance on WWE backstage said: “when they think they have an answer, I change the culture,” and then while looking into the camera he added, I’ll see you in the next show.

Fans Reaction

For six years, WWE has been trying to get the superstar back, but he refused to return. His absence has taken a great toll on the rating of the show, and many fans after his exit have stopped watching the show. His return to the show is a welcoming sight for fans.

WWE Backstage is an FS1 show and not the actual WWE Wrestling, so fans should compose themselves as Punk isn’t returning to the ring, but rather he is returning to the hosting part of the show. So don’t fall for the clickbait

Some More Reactions
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