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Where is Killer Cocaine in Argentina Coming From?

At least 20 people have died after consuming cocaine in Argentina, and more than 50 are in critical condition. According to reports, the authorities suspected that the drugs contained a deadly substance which resulted in the deaths of the users. Victims reportedly suffered seizures and sudden heart attacks.

Experts were still trying to determine what was in the cocaine. Judicial officials believe that someone intentionally tempered the cocaine before selling it to citizens. There are fears that the death toll could rise as many other users may have bought the same batch.  

Cocaine in Argentina Contains Toxic Substance

The security minister, Sergio Berni appeared on TV and said that they were waiting for the lab results and also looking into investigation. According to reports, authorities have arrested 9 people during the raids. Post-mortem inspection will compare the sample of seized drugs with those that the victims consumed.

The toxic substance inside the drugs reportedly targets the nervous system of the user. Berni also explained that every dealer of cocaine in Argentina “cuts” the drug. It means that pure cocaine is not available on the streets and is usually “cut” with other materials. These cuts have many purposes like modifying or intensifying the drug effects and making it more profitable for dealers by selling less quantity of actual cocaine for more money. Cutting agents change the texture of cocaine and make it easier for the user to inhale, snort, or inject inside the body.

Some dealers cut it with non-toxic substances like starch, while others add different hallucinogens like LSD, PCP, and mescaline. There are also several cuts that are fatal and have led to many deaths by poisoning.

Drug Wars in South America

Authorities also highlighted the competition between cartels pushing cocaine in Argentina. They hypothesised that traffickers fighting for power could have laced the drugs intentionally to settle scores and cut their costs.

In recent years, Argentina has become a major hub for hard drugs. The prices also continue to surge due to demand and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Buyers Must Discard The Drugs

Authorities are frantically trying to find the rest of the poisonous batch before more citizens consume it. They warned those who purchased any recreational drugs last 24 hours to discard whatever they have. If someone experienced any symptoms like confusion, fits, or unconsciousness, then they must also discard their drugs.

As per authorities, the urgent priority was to stop this poison from getting sold, considering the potential demand for cocaine in Argentina.

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