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What Makes Cockroach Farming So Popular in China ?

Just imagine a farm that feeds a huge number of cockroaches equal to the human population on Earth. How would you feel visiting a place covered in roaches from ceiling to floor? For many of you, the answer will be a big ewww…!!!. But, there is a farm in China that actually feeds and breeds almost 6 billion cockroaches. And, that is not only one of its kind; in fact, cockroach farming is so popular in China for many reasons.

People actually find it pretty much nauseating to see the stuff.

Folks find the sight of a cockroach so disgusting but they don’t know the potential benefits of this shiny insect that loved invading their kitchens.

What Is Cockroach Farming All About ?

Let’s have a look at factors driving the demand for cockroach farming in China.

Benefits in Cosmetics and Food Industry

According to available online resources, cellulose that strengthens and imparts shine to the outer layer of a cockroach is very lucrative for the cosmetic industry. The insect is also rich in protein and other high caloric nutrients and hence falls as one of the alternatives of the meat industry. 

Cockroaches For Medical Industry

The main reason why cockroach farming is gearing up in China is because of the possible use of these insects in Asian medicines. The roaches are also said to have anti-carcinogenic components and hence helpful in curing diseases like cancer. 

While role of cockroaches in curing cancer is yet to be explored, it is reported that the insects are already used in medicinal potion in China which has helped cure almost 40 million people. Therefore, it is safe to say that pharmaceutical industry is one of the major purchaser of cockroaches.

Easy Process of Cockroach Farming

Cockroach farming is not as complicated and time-consuming as starting a poultry farming project. It has some risks involved but they outweigh the benefits; one reason why farms are producing billions of cockroaches which are controlled by Artificial Intelligence.

Further, the cockroaches are easy to feed. All they need for their food is decaying vegetables which are easily found as waste product of several food factories and restaurants. So, in one way cockroaches also help utilize the vegetables waste.

Cockroaches are then put in boiling water or dried for being utilized in cosmetics, medical or even food industry. 

A Way to Boost Economy and Sustainability

The factors like the ease of feeding, breeding and processing and a huge demand in various linked industries make cockroach farming a profitable business in China. 

Overall, the business of farming cockroaches can help boost the economy ins several ways; It can cleanse the environment of waste products and most important it can provide a cheap cure of cancer, if researchers succeed in proving that cockroaches really anti-carcinogenic properties.

In other countries, low -income families can also consider cockroach farming to increase their wealth, as it requires a little investment and offers more profits, according to the available resources on this subject matter.

Next time when you look for how to get rid of roaches, reconsider your decision. 

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