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Coke Studio Africa Launches A Whole New Version Of Pasoori Song

On Thursday, Coke Studio Africa released another version of the popular song, Pasoori by Shae Gill and Ali Sethi. The new version has cast the original singer Ali Sethi who begins the song. What’s new is the addition of Nigerian Afrobeats, who swoop in the right after Sethi’s part and take the original composition to another level. The New African Pasoori song is a mixture of different genres and cultures as the artists Marwan Moussa and Reekado Banks have given an African touch to the original masterpiece.

Pasoori’s Version of Coke Studio Africa

Coke Studio Africa and Pakistani singer Ali Sethi shared the song on social media, revealing their latest project to the public.

The collaboration between Ali Sethi and Nigerian Afrobeats has reportedly made an already catchy song more attractive. The song is a fusion of words that nonnatives might not be able to understand, but the vibe will probably leave an impressive musical effect on the listeners.

The African version has kept the gist of the original song by beginning and ending it with Ali’s part. Then comes the rap and other lyrical portions, a mixture of Egyptian and trap elements added by rapper Moussa and singer Banks.

Ali Sethi has also expressed how happy he was to see the new version of the song. He thanked his fellow artists for collaborating and creating the African Pasoori song.

Fans Praise Ali Sethi on His Success

Ali Sethi has become an international star with the release of the new Pasoori song by Coke Studio Africa. The music is already gaining a good fan following rate, but Pakistani fans are more focused on congratulating and praising the singer. Many posted appreciation on social media mentioning Ali Sethi for becoming creating a lovely song with a strong vibe. Some cherished him for taking his music to Africa and remaking it.

Increased Popularity of The Song

The latest African version of Pasoori has already crossed borders, and people love it. The song is getting famous in India as the Indians enjoy it the way they loved the original. Pasoori from Coke Studio 14 was globally renowned as it didn’t only attract Pakistani Audience but also the citizens of America, India, Europe, and the Middle East. It crossed 100 million hits on YouTube on May 9, 2022. Even international artists started posting cover songs on their YouTube and social media channels. Now, the original version has over 330 million views on YouTube.

As far as the new version from Coke Studio Africa is concerned, the title has reached 63k views on the popular video app in just 20 hours. Due to the success and popularity of the African ‘Pasoori’ song, the original has been boosted too.

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