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Coke Studio Explorer Takes You to Musical Journey of Pakistan

The heartwarming Coke Studio is back with a new theme that aims to dive deeper and explore the music from the length and breadth of Pakistan. The promo of the new season Coke Studio Explorer is out and it promises diverse performances that stretch from Sindh to KPK and Baluchistan to the valley of Kashmir.

What is Coke Studio Explorer?

Coke Studio Explorer is surprising as it is making fans guess if it is a new season or just an attempt to cover the diverse cultural heritage of Pakistan through music. After such an impressive promo of Coke Studio Explorer people are anxiously waiting for its release, even if it is not the season 11.

For Pakistanis, the Explorer is going to be more relatable than any of the Coke Studio seasons as it only shows the music but different colors of Pakistan. It is simply a depiction of how culturally diverse is Pakistan.

Ali Hamza and Zoheib Kazi are producing Coke Studio Explorer. Viewers can see them in promo going to the far-off places and hearing the regional tales from the artists in the form of music.

Fans Are Excited to Watch Coke Studio Explorer

Here is what Twitterati had to say about the promo.

Sharing A Journey through Pictures

And, it is inevitably going to be a cultural tour of Pakistan. The promo shows representation from the colorful valley of Kalash in Chitral, Balochis performing their folk dance and women from rural Sindh singing the classical music.

This traditional music band from AJK  seems more than interesting.

Those who complain that Punjabi folk music dominates Coke Studio while singers from other provinces and regions of Pakistan don’t get enough representation are now going to see a change in the form of Coke Studio Explorer.

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