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Coke Studio Season 11 Promo Is Glimpse of Diverse But United Pakistan

Coke Studio Season 11 promo is out, and it is invigorating the spirit of change in Pakistanis with revolutionary  Faiz Ahmed Faiz poem ‘Hum Deikhein Gey.’ Promo also reveals that this season is going to represent a diverse Pakistan whose people are always looking for peace, betterment and development.

What Is So Unique About Coke Studio Season 11

Earlier Coke Studio Explorer took us to the musical journey of Pakistan. And, now it is the season 11 which is uniting singers from the length of and breadth of the country.

Here is how this season is going to be diverse.

It Will Have Representation From Transgenders

For the first time, transgender singers will perform in Coke Studio Season 11. The promo while introducing the artists’ line-up shows two transgenders Naghma and Lucky singing “Jo Mein Bhi Hun Aur Tum Bhi Ho” followed by Humair Ahmed who sings the line “Aur Raaj Krey Ge Khalq-e-Khuda.”

US-Pakistani All Girls Band Krewella

Coke Studio season 11 also features an all-girls US- music band Krewella that consists of two sisters Jahan Yousaf and Yasmine Yousaf whose parents are from Pakistani descent. So, there is a representation from overseas Pakistanis as well.

Sounds of Kolachi and Layari Underground

Two Pakistani musical bands sounds of Kolachi and Layari Underground will also sing in this season. Layari is home to the historic cultural community in Karachi. And, the representation of a band from Layari will add another flavor to the diverse mainstream music of Pakistan.

Performance By The Sketches

The Sketches a Sindhi folk music band led by the visionary Saif Samejo who is also the founder of cultural festival Lahooti Melo is also performing in this year’s Coke Studio.

Balochi Folk Singers

Coke studio often has to face the accusations that it only promotes Punjabi music. Well, this year there is a representation from all the provinces. And, Balochi folk singers Shahyan Mengal and Darhan will perform with their Sarangis.

Singers From Rural Sindh

Fans have already seen a glimpse of Shamu Bai and Vishnu in Coke Studio Explorer’s Faqeera. The duo is all set to sing in Coke Studio season for this year as well. So, from Layari to interior Sindh diversity of Pakistan has managed to show up in the mainstream music scene of Pakistan.

Ariana And Amreena From Kalash Valley

Ariana and Amreena from Kalash Valley in Chitral have already made a name through Pareek. The duo is also gracing Coke Studio season 11. Till now, Pakistanis knew Chitralis only from the cultural dance by the people of the valley. And, now its music has crossed the valleys and reached the plains with the help of the country’s hit music show.

A Promo Song that Goes Well with Situation

Coke Studio always features a national song while introducing its artist line-up through the promo. This year it has come up with Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s epic Hum Deikhein Ge a poem that many political workers are exploiting heavily nowadays coming to present their stance in General Election 2018. But, the poem inevitably goes very well with the theme of uniting diverse Pakistan under the banner of music.

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