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Coke Studio’s Ballay Ballay by Abrar ul Haq Is Not A Wedding Song

Here comes a sheer disappointment in the form of Coke Studio’s Ballay Ballay by Abrar ul Haq and Aima Baig. What was one of the most anticipated songs of Coke Studio Season 11, has turned out to be a useless addition.

Coke Studio’s Ballay Ballay As a Wedding Song

Before one day of the release of the song, Coke Studio released BTS and it seemed so awesome. Viewers felt as if they were going to get some new song to dance on wedding ceremonies. But when Ballay Ballay was released it only turned out to a mash-up of Abrar ul Haq’s old songs and some Punjabi wedding beats which are there for decades. We are already listening to Ballay Ballay by Shazia Manzoor with same lyrics for quite some time. There was nothing new in this song except it was a kind of debut for Aima Baig’s wedding songs.

A Failed Attempt to Make A Medley

If we admit that Coke Studio’s Ballay Ballay by Abrar ul Haq has at least offered another madley that people will play at weddings, then still it fails to serve the purpose. What Abrar ul Haq sings, in the end, is nothing more than a noise. It is true that Abrar’s 90s hits are popular among his fans in Indo-Pak but for Ballay Ballay they were just not in place. While Aima Baig also made a good attempt her voice also appeared to be a mismatch with that of Abrar ul Haq.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gK-eU6QFEnM]

Not bringing something new and poorly remaking some old and favorite songs doesn’t mean that Coke Studio is so poor at making the wedding songs. We have the example of Meesha Shafi and Abdul Rauf Rufi’s song Aaya Lariye which beautifully renewed Musarrat Nazir’s version of the same. Even Ballay Ballay could have been better if didn’t include Abrar ul Haq’s old 90s songs.

Can Studio Really Come up With Something New?

Coke Studio might have given Pakistan some new singers and brought some talent to the mainstream. The platform is also right to claim the credit of making folk popular among the young generation. The Coke Studio explorer was a good attempt to take us to the musical journey of Pakistan.

It has miserably failed to bring some new and quality music to the mainstream arena. While there is no lack of singers in Pakistan there is a lack of tune and lyrics that could have shaped the music of the contemporary era. If the tradition of bringing mashups and medley continued we fear that the current era will fail to make meaningful contributions in the music scene.

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