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Cole Haan Gets Into Bed with Slack to Make Sneakers

An unusual collaboration of a footwear brand and a workplace app has caught the attention of the professionals. Cole Haan announced to partner with Slack for releasing its limited-edition collection of sneakers. The brand aims to target corporate workers who use slack. During the coronavirus lockdown, remote working evolved in to an aesthetic from simply being a trend.

The shoes are based on the existing Generation Zerogrand model of the brand. They are all white with a hint of one of the four colors on Slack’s logo; blue, green, yellow, and red. The same logo of the tech company is also printed on the side.

Cole Haan X Slack Collaboration

The strategy behind launching this product is more about making employees feel comfortable while working from home. Many people would be happy to get rid of the uptight derbies or oxfords or brogues and move on to a rather soft solution. Working from home can provide that kind of luxury and an opportunity for ventures like this one.

The shoe maker is not collaborating with Slack for the first time. It had made a promotional video previously to describe how it had used the messaging service.

Internet Users Making Jokes On The New Shoes

Despite the sleek design, the internet was not much impressed with the collab. The reason for this indifference might be due to the fact that workers who use the app have to engage with it all day. Therefore, they might not need another reason to remind them of checking it.

Some were brutal enough to imply that such collab was not even important. The tech company does enjoy a good reputation among employers. Workers on the other hand can easily disregard how Slack revolutionized remote working. It is mainly due to the load of business which can overshadow the importance of this application.

The hybrids, who are somehow associated with both companies, have also found this move pointless. It did not matter how much they liked to use the corporate messaging app or the shoe brand.

They sarcastically targeted the workplace app when it went down for some reason. They hinted that it probably went down because the employees might have gone to work on the shoes instead.

Apparently, nobody asked for this joint venture or the finished product. However, there were many pressing issues that users wanted the tech company to solve.

Some wanted to proudly show off how they work from home in style. These slippers from the security platform, Duo Sec also looked comfortable.

How Much Does It Cost

Reportedly the price for one pair is 120 USD. However, when ordering from The dual-branded products are usually expensive. Apple made it its own sneakers for their employees in the 1990s. A pair was auctioned for nearly 10,000 USD in March 2020. A world-class shoe brand Nike is the same as Apple with regards to price. Here are 7 most expensive Nike shoes ever sold. The bright side about Slack shoes is that they are not very expensive like those huge brands.

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