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Best Stand Up Comedy by Oscar Nominee Kumail Nanjiani

Kumail Nanjiani has become the first ever Pakistani American to receive an Oscar nomination for the best original screenplay. He received a nomination for his hit comedy movie The Big Sick, along with his wife Emily V. Gordon.

Kumail Nanjiani who rose to prominence for being one of the lead stars in HBO’s Silicon Valley is a famous standup comedian.

Before you get to watch some of the excellent works of Kumail Nanjiani, let’s see what his Oscar-worthy movie Big Sick is all about.

Big Sick- A Rom-Com around Kumail Nanjiani Love Story

Big Sick has been one of the top 10 best comedy movies of 2017. The film is an inspiration from the original story of Kumail Nanjiani, a Pakistani American who was born in Karachi. It depicts how minorities in the US, mainly Muslims are coping with rampant racism. It narrates the love story of Kumail and his wife Emily V. Gordon. The story beautifully sums up the personal struggle of a Muslim US citizen and his strive to manage his relationship.

Kumail’s Oscar nomination shows that American audience is now accepting to watch the minorities in lead roles. Hollywood is making a shift from white-male-dominated industry to a more diverse and inclusive one. The celebration of Golden Globes 2018 ceremony on a MeToo theme also alludes to the same fact.

The Best Standup Comedy by Kumail Nanjiani

Apart from acting in prominent TV shows and films, Kumail Nanjiani has entertained the audience through his performances as a standup comedian.

Like in one of his show, Kumail hilariously elaborates on how to be cool. He explains three funny ways he adopted to be really cool, during the last two years of his school. While demonstrating the process, Kumail stresses upon three ways to become a real cool; these include walking slow, shortening the response and being an insult man.

Kumail Nanjiani Explaining the Pakistani Culture to Chelsea

Watching Kumail Nanjiani talking to Chelsea, is just another entertaining experience. In an interview with the Netflix, Kumai hilariously describes the culture of Pakistan, the country where he was born and raised in. In this show, Kumail uses his witty style to debunk the stereotypical myth that Muslims are terrorists. He talks about Muslims enjoying in theme parks, eating ice cream, having fun and riding a roller coaster. To sum up, he says “just look at me, I am a Muslim, and I am cool.”

On the same show, he also talks about the movie Big Sick that was about his personal life and struggles to go against the wish of his parents and marry an American girl.

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