Students of Comsats Islamabad Demand Justice for Inam after His Death

Comsats Islamabad Student death

Students of Comsats Islamabad are outraged at the death of a fellow student, which occurred due to the management’s negligence. They are demanding the resignation of the university’s rector and justice for the fallen comrade.

What Happened at Comsats Islamabad?

Acccording to Tweets by the versity students Inam, a student of second-second semester BBA  in comsats Islamabad due to ill health, decided to leave class. On his way down he reportedly slipped and suffered from a heart attack. The students nearby scrambled to his support while others ran to inform the senior management to dispatch the university’s ambulance to take him to the hospital.

Like in many universities, private or unauthorized cars are not allowed to enter the university premises. They are stopped at gates of the educational instate. Despite the emergency, the students who volunteered to take Inam to the hospital in their car were also barred from entering.

For 45 minutes, the ambulance was not allowed to enter the university and was stopped at the gates by the time the ambulance got to the student; He was no more.

Why Campuses Have Not Remained Students Friendly

After the horrible death, the students organized a protest and started to demand justice for their fallen comrade. It’s a suppressing to see a country with such ill-equipped and badly managed institutes of higher education that they can’t adequately take care of its students.

The angry students and social media users were of the opinion that who needed mafia or other criminal groups when you had killer educational institutions.

All Fees And No Good

The universities are charging such a hefty fee, but at the same time, they are not providing proper facilities to the students. Concerned citizens urged the government to take action and direct institutes to make their policies student friendly.

The incident at Comsats Islamabad is not the first of its kind. Few days back a female student had lost her life after falling from a under-construction building at Bahria University Islamabad.

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