RT and Sputnik Banned From Conference on Media Freedom in the UK

Conference on Media Freedom

RT and Sputnik have been banned from attending the conference on media freedom held in London, UK. The conference is to take place on Wednesday and Thursday this week. About a 1000 journalist from all over the world will be part of this event.

Banning Russian Organizations from Conference on Media Freedom

A spoke person for the British foreign office while talking to the media told that RT and Sputnik had been barred from attending the conference on media freedom due to repeated violation of the UK’s media code of conduct by spreading false information.While it’s unrealistic to request all acts of accreditation journalist from all over the world, including Russia, will be attending the conference.

Ofcom, the British regulator for media in a statement, stated the Russian state-backed news channel had made severe violation for the British media code of conduct while covering news regarding the Salisbury poisoning case that targeted Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in last December.

Protest from Russian Embassy

In response to the ban, The Russian Embassy in the UK has written a letter to the British foreign office demanding for it to revert the decision. The embassy further stated this act was nothing more than an attempt to assassinate the network’s image.

RT while responding to the ban remarked it would take a particular type of hypocrite to advocate for the freedom of the press while suppressing the voices of those who speak the truth in one hand and provide safe haven to those who speak false on the other hand.

RT over the years has increased its news coverage regarding the UK and USA while at the same time is attempting to present its self as an alternative to mainstream media.

Amal Clooney Will Also be There?

About 60 minister and close to a 1000 journalist from all over the world will be attending the event which will last for two days. The only country that will not be participating in the event will be North Korea, Syria, and RT journalists. The famous human right lawyer Amal Clooney will also be attending the conference as Britain’s special envoy on media freedom. The object of the conference is to increase awareness regarding press freedom and how to protect it.