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Should You Consider Buying a Nintendo Switch in 2018?

Nintendo Switch has remained a heartthrob of the gaming community in 2017. Despite being expensive than Wii U, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, it has remained popular among the gaming enthusiasts. Perhaps, these were the features like portability and access to classic Nintendo games that made gamers to ditch the existing consoles in favor of Switch.

In 2017, Nintendo didn’t leave a good impression in term of offering a variety of entertainment. For example, a suitable streaming app like that of Netflix on Wii U was missing. As for 2018, Nintendo is likely to introduce advanced up-gradation while adding more entertainment options.

Here is an overview of whether Nintendo Switch is worth Buying in 2018 or not.

Featured Games on Nintendo Switch

Price is not a big deal in the face of astounding features, which are the classic games in case of Nintendo Switch. What made gamers excited about this new console were the games like Legend of Zelda and Super Mario. Nintendo is looking to bring best of the Wii U games on its console; mainly because users couldn’t enjoy them for not so friendly base of Wii U.

In 2018, Nintendo plans to bring Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2, the famous Wii U games, that didn’t get the attention of gamers before.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Online Service

Nintendo loyalists are going to access the library of classic games, through the company’s online service in 2018. The subscribers might also enjoy one-month free access to the gaming library. Gamers would need to pay $20 for getting a subscription. Balloon Fight, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Dr. Mario would be the first three games to hit the library. But, there would be a whole lot of classic games that gamers have ever craved for.

Streaming Services on Nintendo Switch

Gamers who love switching to their favorite streaming shows during games have got Hulu app to do so on Nintendo. It might not be as rejoicing as Netflix on Wii U, but it surely gives the diverse gaming options. The app is a new up-gradation and likely to be available for 2018 consoles. But Nintendo is also lagging behind in term of Virtual Reality experience. In the modern time, viewers want a more immersive experience. We have just heard about Disney offering Star Wars VR experience. So, Gaming console companies must come up with features that allow gamers to enjoy quality experiences.

So, should you buy Nintendo Switch in 2018?

Well, it all depends upon priorities. Nintendo loyalists who want to experience a classic gaming experience on a portable console can consider paying the cost of approximately $300. But switch currently doesn’t offer diversity in games, unless someone has $20 more to pay for accessing the online library.

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