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Contagion’s Cast Has Public Service Announcement Regarding Covid-19

Many celebritiees across the world have issued a heartfelt statements for fans to that encourage them to stay safe and keep others safe. Yet, people from all over the world have failed miserably in containing the virus. If it was a Coke or Pepsi ad, the results would have been better. Lately, the cast of Contagion movie (2011) recorded very important Public Service Announcements (PSA) to dish out advices to people.

COVID-19 fears and isolation brought the film back in the best rentals of iTunes after 9 years.

Several movies depicted the viral outbreak in multiple scenarios and all of them promoted the idea of washing hands and social distancing. People like to see fiction as the perfect way to process reality. By the example of a hypothetical virus, Contagion might be the most intuitive disaster movie of all time since it also somehow predicted the coronavirus outbreak

What Is Contagion Movie All About?

As the name indicates movie revolves around pain, suffering, and death caused by a deadly pandemic. There is a strange aura of death in every scene that reminds the audience to never let go of fear, as it is the only thing that shows where the edge is. Sometimes that fear also causes different rumors, misinformation, and wrong action. That is why the movie had to sacrifice drama in order to distribute equal attention to each character and their attitude towards the pandemic. Many people are going to make horrible mistakes in real life situation too. T

he cast of Contagion movie is working closely with Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, to fight misinformation and fake news surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

PSA of Lawrence Fishburn – Dr. Ellis Cheever

Lawrence Fishburnewho played a role of doctor at Centre for Disease Control (CDC) had warned people about the true definition of pandemic.

His main concern is that science professionals are expecting at least another half of the damage that is done today. Therefore, there is a need to be more vigilant than before.

PSA of Marion Cotillard – Dr. Leonara Orantes

The French actress played a WHO doctor in Contagion movie explains that death toll rises unnecessarily when people do not heed a science professional’s advice.

Her message contained genuine concerns for the people who can suffer because of someone’s trouble making. She added that blame game, racism, and rumors are currently causing more harm to society than the virus.

PSA of Matt Damon – Mitch Emhoff

Matt Damon’s Mitch was immune to the MEV-1, the viral infection in the movie. However, his immunity was nothing more than a painful reminder of the death of his wife and son. Movies can justify the ‘sheer luck’ elements for the sake of storytelling so suspension of disbelieve is possible. In reality, no one has any reason to think they are immune.

Many people still understand the language of celebrities so they also have to repeat the same thing over and over until majority displays recommended behavior during the pandemic.

PSA of Kate Winslet – Dr. Erin Mears

Kate Winslet played an Epidemiologist named Dr. Erin Mears who was trying to contain the hypothetical MEV-1 virus in the film. The message substantial information required to stay safe in a virus infected area.

For this piece of advice, people may forgive her for not sharing her raft with Jack when Titanic collapsed. Missing cast member, Jude Law also played a pivotal role of an antagonist. The closest real life character to explain Jude Law’s role is Donald Trump.

What does the Writer of Contagion think?

Contagion is written by Scott Z. Burns who reassures people that his virus was much deadlier than coronavirus. MEV-1 was also instantly transmitted with serious implications whereas coronavirus takes time to penetrate the respiratory system. The writer totally nailed the pig and bat part about the origin of the virus. Contagion movie includes a scene of a disturbance at a bat colony where a pig gets infected in the process.

That is how it transfers to a live market and on to the human beings. There are countless live markets in Asia including those that have no refrigeration facility. A virus that originates after the height of carelessness is bound to make humans suffer for their huge mistakes. Burns agreed there can never be a happy ending if something is causing death every day. If there is ever a vaccine, it will be the redemption of human kind, not a victory.

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