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User’s Solution to Controversial Slow Down of Apple’s iPhones

The slowdown of Apple’s iPhones in an apparent move to offer a smooth customer experience is one of the latest conspiracy theories. Well for iPhone users who are confused on whether to retain their smartphone choice or switch to another brand, the issue is not that much complicated. It is straightforward to decide how to respond to the Apple’s deliberate attempt of slowing down its iPhones.

Before discussing the possible user’s solution to this problem, let’s have a look at what the controversy is all about.

Complaints about Apple’s iPhones slowing down

It all began when users of the iPhone 6, 6S, 6S Plus and 7, complaint about the shutting down of their devices. According to reports, users witnessed peak decline in performance during the sale of new iPhone model. Such a coincidence or deliberate occurrence, as the case may be, gave rise to suspicions that slowing down of Apple’s iPhones is to compel users to buy new models.

So, what really happened?

Apple’s Confession about slowing down its devices

Finally, Apple admitted that it was slowing down older iPhones for offering a better user’s experience. During the peak time of use, processors of the said models become slow, to save the battery and prevent sudden shut down.

Was this confession enough to end the controversy? Well, no.

Here is what followed later.

Now the company is facing a lawsuit for not knowing the user’s consent?

There is no doubt that Apple is doing wonderful attempts to increase customer satisfaction. The smartphone giant also made a move to kill the slow apps, to offer smooth user’s experience. But the recent move is indeed conflicting. It gives rise to another question.

Who is going to decide on user’s experience? The companies or the customers?

The answer is very much simple indeed. The final choice inevitably rests with the end users. The fact becomes evident in the form of the iPhone’ user’s reaction to the Apple’s confession.

According to media reports, the company faced eight lawsuits for slowing down its older models without the user’s consent.

What is the Ultimate solution for Apple’s iPhone Users?

In such a situation an iPhone user has following two options.

  1. To enjoy the full performance while risking the battery life.
  2. To face the slow response to save the battery life.

So, Apple decided the second option is more acceptable for the iPhone users, without even bothering to know their priorities.

Here is how iPhone Users Should Respond?

Now the users have following option to get out of the mess.

  1. They should continue experiencing slow performance if they can afford to do so.
  2. They should replace their batteries that cost them almost $70. But what is the guarantee that they would prove to be a long-term companion?
  3. They should buy the new Apple’s iPhones that company might have wanted them to do.
  4. They should dump their existing smartphone brand. There is no point of paying such a hefty amount when the company is not able to satisfy all the concerns.

The smartphone company is introducing many innovations like pre-order apps features and bendable display screen in iPhone 9. But the question arises, whether the introduction of new technology should be need based rather than an attempt to promote the consumerism.

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