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Copyright Law Basics Every Online Entrepreneur Should Know

So, copyright law basics do not apply to the internet? No, they do apply to the internet like anywhere else.

Copyright Law Basics

So, before you take anything available online for granted, you need to understand the copyright law basics.

Protect Your Work Online

It is not a myth; you can protect your intellectual property online. One of the copyright law basics is that you can have policy pages on your website where you can mention the rights of the work you are doing. Make sure that you understand the different types of copyright options you can use as an online business owner.

Some allow their work to be used with attribution; some do not need any attribution, yet there are others who want you to ask permission before using their digital assets. Therefore, when you are protecting your work and do not want anyone to use it, you can let them know on your website that they should ask before using it.

Copyright Law Basics Every Online Entrepreneur Should Know

Take Down Notices

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act is copyright law basics for online businesses. Therefore, if you see someone using your work without authorization, you can send them a notice. Some websites do provide a form that you can fill to ask them to take down that content.

Thus, it is always a good practice to send someone notice before you initiate any legal proceedings against them. Also, when you intend to take the legal route, you must first provide them with the proof that you did send the website the DMCA notice to take down the content infringing upon your copyrights.

Always Ask Before You Use Someone’s Content

It is a good practice to ask before you want to use someone’s content. It may include videos, text, or images. If you do not see any notice or warning when copying someone’s writing, it does not mean you can use it. Therefore, it is one of the copyright law basics for online businesses not to use someone’s work without permission.

You need to ensure that you are not infringing upon anyone’s copyrights. Otherwise, you can land yourself in legal trouble. When you ask for the permission, you can keep the copy to show whenever there comes a need.

Ask for Proof When Contacted with Takedown Notice

When someone contacts you claiming that you are using their content without their consent, you should not panic. Instead, ask them if they can provide you with the proof. The proof will include evidence that they are the real owner of the content you are using.

Thus, you will be sure not to start complying with every other notice sent to you. When someone provides with the evidence, you should not waste any time taking down that piece of content.

Cybersquatting – One Example of Protecting Your Copyrights

Cybersquatting is buying a domain name with the wrongful intention of using someone else’s brand to your benefit.

If you become a victim of cybersquatting, you can choose from different options to take down that website. You need to come with valid proofs to ascertain that the new URL is using your brand’s name to take illicit benefit. Thousands of cybersquatting cases are registered each year. However, the owner of the real brand has to come with enough proofs to validate their rightful claim.

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