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Coronavirus Cases in Pakistan Rise to 20,000 Causing Concern

The number of people infected with coronavirus in Pakistan has reached 20,149 as per the Government of Pakistan Data published on the official website about coronavirus information. In the last 24 hours, 22 new deaths from the coronavirus and 1083 new cases have been reported. The number of cases has continued to rise despite the country being under lockdown for more than a month.

The nationwide tally of coronavirus patients stands at 20,084 with 7,542 cases in Punjab, and 7,465 in Sindh, followed by 3,129 in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, 1,218 in Balochistan, and 364 in Gilgit-Baltistan. The country’s capital Islamabad has 415 reported cases. Azad Jammu and Kashmir has 71reported cases. The virus has claimed 462 deaths with 5590 patients recovered so far.

Pakistan has remained corona-free until 26 February despite sharing political borders with coronavirus epi-centre China. The first case emerged in Karachi after a student tested positive with coronavirus who returned from Iran after the pilgrimage. The number of cases further increased as more and more pilgrims returning from Iran tested positive.

Coronavirus Cases in Pakistan- A Breakdown of Provinces

Here is the coronavirus situation in different provinces so far.


The Province of Punjab has the highest number of confirmed cases of coronavirus that is 7524. It is also a highly populated province in Pakistan. 2,665 patients have made full recovery so far. The capital of province Lahore has 4124 cases, Sialkot has 232 cases, Gujrat has 364, and Faisalabad has 233 cases. The number of tests conducted per day is about 4232 as per the 3rd May 2020 government data.


The Province of Sindh has the second-highest number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan which is 7465. Karachi the biggest city of Pakistan has 4822 confirmed cases. Further, 441 cases from Sukkur and 209 cases from Khairpur. The government of Sindh is conducting approximately 3000 tests per day as per data available on 4th May 2020. The number of tests in the province varies on different days.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Kyber Pakhtunkhwa has the highest death toll of 180 in a province alone. Peshawar the capital of Province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has 1184 confirmed cases. The highest concentration of cases is around Mardan and Swat.


The largest province of Pakistan by area has 1218 confirmed cases of coronavirus. 803 cases are from Quetta with 4 cases from Ziarat. 21 people are reported dead due to coronavirus in Balochistan.

Azad Jammu and Kashmir

Azad Jammu and Kashmir has 71 confirmed cases with zero deaths reported so far.

Number of Coronavirus Tests Conducted In Pakistan

The number of coronavirus tests has soared with the increase in the number of per day tests in different provinces of Pakistan. The government has so far conducted 212511 tests since 16 March 2020 which is 962 tests per thousand people. Given the population of the country, there is a need to ramp of testing to estimate the exact number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan.

Coronavirus Cases Spiked during Ramadan

Pakistan has reported a sharp increase in the number of coronavirus patients since Ramadan began. opening of the mosques and relative ease of lockdown in Ramadan 2020 could have been one of the reasons. Well, the increase in coronavirus cases in Pakistan also coincides with the increase in the number of coronavirus tests. Also apparently, there is a lockdown in the country but it is only so-called. Most of the people are not following it properly. Shop keepers are trying to continues their businesses behind closed shutters. As per reports even not all the mosques are continuing prayers in accordance with agreed-upon SOPs.

Government with senior religious leaders had agreed on a 20-set of guidelines for social distancing at mosques during Ramadan. The guidelines also include the ban of elderly and sick people for attending prayers and Making it mandatory for worshippers to wear masks.

More than 3.36 million worldwide cases have been reported in 187 countries and regions since the virus emerged in Wuhan China in December 2019, with the US and Europe the world’s hardest-hit areas.

Almost  1.06 million coronavirus patients have been recovered, with more than 240,000 deaths in the world so far, according to data compiled by the United States’ Johns Hopkins University.

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