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What Is This Coronavirus from China and What Are Its Symptoms

Deadly coronavirus from China which has spread internationally has caused dozens of deaths till now. The virus which is said to have originated from the Chinese city of Wuhan has been diagnosed in more than 800 people from China as per the latest reports. Few cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in countries like Vietnam, South Korea, Nepal, Thailand, Japan, Singapore and the United States. The virus spread across the globe through travellers who had been to Wuhan or other parts of China affected with disease.

What Is the Origin of Coronavirus

According to the genetic analysis coronavirus resembles a virus found in bats and snakes. The virus is mutable and chances are that it is spread from bat to snake and then to human beings via air. Reports suggest that earlier cases of virus were reported in patients who visited a market of alive and farmed wild animals in Wuhan.

Till now it is not known how lethal is coronavirus. It is estimated that mildness of virus lies between SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Sybdrome) or MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome). In China SARS epidemic 2003 had reportedly infected 8000 people killing almost more than 700 patients.

As per speculations since coronavirus is mutable there are chances of it becoming more lethal than SARS and MERS.

Chinese health authorities after sequencing the genome have shared the information across the world to ensure the further test for the virus.

Symptoms and Cure of Coronavirus

Till now no antiviral medicine has been found to cure the vius. Doctors are giving medicines to cure the symptoms like coughing, sneezing and flue etc. Further, the diagnostic centers may need to exercise care in distinguishing between coronavirus and usual flue that can simply caused by cold etc.

China Taking Steps to Control Epidemic

Since the coronavirus has potential to spread through air, the Chinese government is taking measures to place travel restrictions in Wuhan and other cities of Hebei the province where the affected area are located. The lock down is likely to restrict the movement of more than 30 million people. Latest reports suggest that no planes and trains are allowed outside the Wuhan to contain the spread of virus.

Health care professionals are recommending people to wear masks to help prevent the contamination. Till now, not much is known about how lethal the virus can be as most of the projections regarding possible cases or death toll are based on speculations. But rapid increase in reported cases of the coronavirus shows that citizens need to exercise caution in order to prevent themselves from deadly infection.

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