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Citizens not Obeying Coronavirus Lockdown in Pakistan Face Punishment

Isolation has started to get on everybody’s nerves due to coronavirus lockdown in Pakistan. Dire circumstances are gradually increasing across the country. Everybody is doing whatever they can to protect themselves but it seems that not everyone is taking this epidemic seriously.

There are some people who just can’t get their kick without some form of amusement. Even continuing the normal business activities that require going out doesn’t seem possible since coronavirus is highly contagious and puts people at risk through transformation. That’s why governments in different parts of the world and also in Pakistan have ordered a lockdown.

Safety seems like an overrated word when the nation keeps on ignoring the instructions. Surprisingly, the authorities are not taking this lightly and they have proper fielding sanctioned to deal with such people.

A virus is not enough to keep this nation inside.

What Happens If People Don’t Observe Coronavirus Lockdown in Pakistan?

It is simple, people must obey the lockdown or face the punishment as prescribed by law. However, in Pakistan, law is not structured enough to prescribe anything so it’s all up to the barbaric Police.

Here it can be seen that the Police delivers punishment exactly the way their teachers did with them in school:

This is the only language that people would understand after ignoring clear instructions.

It is an extreme measure necessary in extreme situations during coronavirus lockdown in Pakistan. A video was shot from the roof that shows a well-deserved beating of violators by Police Officers:

Furthermore, wandering shopkeepers and motorcyclists were arrested across several cities for violating lockdown rules.

Amenities under Lockdown

Police tactics have always been questionable towards the silly behavior of most Pakistani people. The containment measures are taken way too leisurely by the government. Coronavirus lockdown in Pakistan must have been initiated earlier.

The infection is spreading rapidly, causing 958 cases and 7 deaths. A heavy presence of police and military personnel can be seen across all cities. Personnel have blocked the roads with barbed wires and only people with essential tasks are allowed to move around.

Except few Pharmacies and Grocery Stores, everything will remain close or at least two weeks of its enactment.

Lockdown can also  be considered as an opportunity for doing entertaining stuff to like watching movies on Netflix and bringing out creativity.

 But it seems that it is only irritating most of the men who can’t contain themselves within homes.

Stay Safe and Keep Others Safe

This closure of all entertainment activities can be frustrating for the public. However, people must consider adopting safety precautions that will help them through coronavirus lockdown in Pakistan.

Isolation and social distancing is a globally acclaimed method of protecting people from the coronavirus infection. That is why most of social media was supporting police brutality for the first time.

Well, Police also tried to help citizens by distributing free masks:

Moreover, there is another kind of police at the house that every Pakistani fears more than the actual police:

The message of staying safe can be sent in a hilarious and relatable way. If that is not working then no problem, police and military will have to work at the end. So, for citizens it is better to act on rules rather than facing humiliation.

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