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What Are People Doing for Stay at Home Challenge during Coronavirus Epidemic

Coronavirus pandemic has left the world in a bit of a predicament. Everyone in affected areas is practicing social distancing and self-isolation. This has deprived those people from many means of entertainment. However, social media created a craze of stay at home challenge after high-profile football players started sharing their videos of juggling a tissue roll instead of a ball.

After the player finished the challenge, he nominated next player to accept the challenge and try to do better. This has inspired many people to start making their own unique videos.

Footballers trying Stay At Home Challenge

Lack of playing time on the field can be frustrating for a player. Staying at home is a drag, so athletes have found a way to keep them and their fans entertained.

Even Tennis players stepped up to the challenge and this one is doing great!

Quite funny that a tennis player can pull this off better than Brazilian Felipe Melo whose Stay At Home Challenge did not go as planned:

It is definitely a lot harder than it looks

Other Ways To Go Through Isolation Phase

The world needed all these athletes to lift up the spirits during the pandemic. Now it’s turn for all the creative and talented social media users to show how they perform Stay At Home Challenge.

It is advised to not try this at home because not all towel racks can hold a person’s weight.

Ever tried pulling off a magic trick? It must be done after approval from the better half

And how can we forget Italian Stallions who do not acknowledge acrophobia.

So, what happens when the ball drops?

Speaking of the ball, this little girl just answered all the players who started this whole Stay At Home Challenge:

There are others who think that home is anywhere you feel at home, even in the sky.

Is Social Isolation Making People Better Human?

Without a shadow of a doubt, isolation lets people connect with themselves. Most of time a person feels so much better after meeting himself.

Has anyone ever wanted to learn any skillset? Time is surely now as there is nothing else to do

Do not worry if things get boring in the kitchen, one can always improvise.

Maybe the stay at home challenge can make the person a better and responsible citizen.

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